Part 1 - Tools to build your brand online and get more traffic

  1. Enhanced Online Booking Page

The newly-designed online booking page is more visually attractive. It also provides customized sections to showcase the before and after photos, amenities, and payment methods supported. Using it as your digital storefront, guiding customers to self-help, and automating clients' booking flow will save you so much time.

Update ✨ Now you can also display your amazing reviews from clients who respond to your Grooming Reports and highlight your team members!

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2. Reserve with Google

We are excited to announce that MoeGo is now the first in the pet industry to integrate with Google! By following a few easy steps, you can link your MoeGo online booking with your Google Business Profile, allowing a "BOOK ONLINE" button to be displayed on your Google Business Profile and other places where your business appears in Google Search and Maps results. This will make your business stand apart from others by offering pet parents more convenience and accessibility to book with you.

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3. Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is a frequently-used tool when it comes to tracking and analyzing website traffic. With the integration with MoeGo, it enables you to monitor your online booking traffic and gain comprehensive insights into your audience. You'll have access to valuable data, such as the number of visitors per page, the geographic location of your visitors, and the duration of their visit. It can measure sales and conversions, and it helps you understand how visitors use your website so you can optimize their experience.

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4. Online Booking Business QR Code

You can generate a QR code for your MoeGo online booking site easily, in a style of your own branded theme color. Posting it on your business social pages, cards or putting it on the grooming van will gain more traffic to your online booking and provide potential customers with an easy way to book with you.

Part 2 - Tools to win more bookings and manage your clientele

1. Online Abandoned Bookings

This feature is ideal when businesses seek to actively grow their client base and capture all the potential revenue. For the customers who visited your booking site but failed to submit booking requests for different reasons, you can recover them at your fingertips. You can easily assist with their booking via call or message with their pre-filled info, directly schedule appointments for them, regularly track your recovery performance, identify trends and optimize strategies to enhance booking recovery over time.

Update ✨ You can now schedule messages to automatically send out for all clients who didn't successfully convert when attempting to book online. Recover revenue automatically!

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2. Email Campaigns

It provides beautifully-designed campaign templates for the most-used scenarios, like activating lapsed clients, encouraging new clients to book again, or filling out the last-minute cancellation spot. The built-in smart client filtering system enables you to target clients based on specific criteria such as appointment history or pet breed, creating highly effective campaigns that connect with your audience. The best part is the built-in report metrics that evaluate the success of your campaigns, providing valuable insights to improve your marketing efforts.

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3. Discount System

With this feature, you can create and customize discount codes for your clients to redeem. Decide when the discount will expire, which services it can be applied to, which clients are eligible, and if it can be used with online booking. Last but not least, you can track how often it is being used.

Whether it's engaging with loyal clients or attracting new customers, you can now manage discount codes to boost your business!

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4. Smart Filter for Client List

It allows you to filter your client list by detailed criteria such as appointment history, pet breed, grooming frequency, pet conditions, and more than 20 other customized criteria. It's a necessary tool to understand your clientele, create highly targeted campaigns, and personalized communications that resonate with clients. Also, it supports bulk edit the filtered clients to stay organized.

Update ✨ Now you can save views of your go-to filters. Whether it's clients who need rebooking, those with unpaid invoices, or appointments in the next 7 days, find exactly what you need in a snap. In addition, you can customize the columns to show the info you need and enjoy the cleaner look!

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5. Intelligent Waitlist

This feature is a powerful tool to transform the way you manage booking requests and existing appointments. The Waitlist Lens mode empowers you to effortlessly visualize requests on your calendar – if you're a mobile grooming business, you can also see the driving time and distance. With this feature, you can also capture client preferences flexibly, search the best request to fill in by dynamic filters. In the cases of unexpected cancellations, the Intelligent Waitlist will recommend slots based on the client's preferences of time and staff, helping you to precisely fit the appointment into your calendar.

Read more about the feature here.

Part 3 - Tools to elevate customer experience and streamline operations

1. Customizable Grooming Reports

We know how excited pet parents are when they see their fur babies after each service. With MoeGo's digital grooming report function, you can showcase the hard work involved and elevate the customer experience with the fully digitalized report. The customized sections of the report include before and after photos, service feedback, and pet conditions to help you communicate. It also gives upcoming appointment date, or remind them to rebook based on your recommended grooming frequency. You can even invite them to give a review on your social platforms.


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2. Service Area (Mobile Grooming)

We've enhanced our service area feature to streamline the setup process significantly. Now, effortlessly create your service areas with precision through intuitive mapping or opt for a convenient zip code approach. Once configured, unlock a multitude of valuable applications across the platform. This includes the ability to designate certain areas for certain days for your groomers, visually see where clients are booking from relative to your service area when they submit a request, generate sales reports based on service areas, and much more!

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3. Display Drive Time and Distance (Mobile Grooming)

MoeGo now calculates and displays drive time & distance between appointments for you! You can now effortlessly calculate buffer time for add-on services, clean-up, and a much-needed break, or just to double check that your route is efficient. Works on both app and desktop!

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4. Retail Management

It supports you to track inventory and manage all the sales in one place. You can easily add products to the list, enter detailed info, and edit the stock. After setting up the product list, you'll be able to check out along with grooming services or just check out separately.

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5. Service Charges

Do you currently or plan to apply a service charge (e.g. travel fee or cleaning fee) to every appointment besides the basic service price? If so, MoeGo has made it super easy to set it up so that it automatically applies to each appointment. The great thing about it is that it will be excluded from staff commission.

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6. Schedule Messages

You can now schedule messages to send out at a later time to clients on both Desktop and Mobile! Say goodbye to post-it reminders. You can always go back to edit them before they send out, reschedule them, or send immediately if you decide to.

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7. Saved Replies

Do you have certain messages that you constantly need to send to clients but wish you could do it faster? You can now do so with the Saved Replies feature! Customize and save replies for common scenarios and questions from customers - including opening hours, greeting messages, agreement signing, and more

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Part 4 - Tools to manage your team more efficiently

1. Multi Staff Per Service Mode

It’s a fairly common practice for a full groom to be completed by a bather and groomer or to have large dogs handled by multiple staff at the same time. You can now assign multiple staff members to work on the same service, without creating additional services or blocks as a workaround to reflect their availability or track commissions. You can even choose to start at the same time or in sequence to fit different scenarios.

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2. Staff Shift Management

You can set up staff rotating schedules for every 2, 3, or 4 weeks. On top of it, you can change the availability for specific dates without affecting your regular schedule. It can be synced to online booking availability so it adds more flexibility to your schedule.

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3. Smart Scheduling for Multiple Vans (Mobile Grooming)

MoeGo's Smart Schedule™ technology is now able to support multiple van businesses better by applying different driving rules and start / end locations for each van. This helps streamline routing for different vans and makes the groomer more efficient with their day, resulting in more appointments, less driving, and increased revenue!

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4. New Payroll Settings

We have updated our payroll settings and staff commission to help you streamline your payroll and customize exactly how you want it in your business. Not only is payroll and commission super easy and time-saving, but now you can set commission by service and tier as well as split tips amongst your staff.

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5. Leaderboard

It’s a management reporting tool that visualizes your business operations. With Leaderboard, you’ll have a clearer understanding of your business and staff performance, like booking capacity and other productivity indicators. It provides insights for your business decisions and finds room for improvements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which Plan includes these features?

The new Growth Plan and Ultimate Plan both include all the above features, except for leaderboard, which is exclusive to Ultimate Plan.

Q: What's the difference between Growth Plan and Ultimate Plan?

Ultimate Plan provides everything in Growth Plan, plus unlimited auto messages, branded phone number, leaderboard, and dedicated account manager.

Q: I'm a legacy plan user, will I lose anything I have after I move to the new plan?

No. The Growth Plan and Ultimate Plan include everything in the legacy plan, plus all the new functions mentioned above.

Q: Will it update or change any setting automatically when I move to any of the new plans?

No. Your data and settings will stay untouched, so you can explore the new features whenever you're ready.

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