Introducing Grooming Report: a digital interactive report card designed to revolutionize the way you interact with your customers and take every aspect of the personalized customer journey to new heights.

What you can access to show your dedication and earn EVERY credit you deserve:

  • Before vs. after showcase:  enable customers to witness the transformative power of your services
  • Service detail & notes: keep pet parents informed about the services provided and products used during the grooming session, fostering transparency and confidence in their pet's care.
  • Mood & Behavior: track, understand, and communicate the pet's emotions, preferences, triggers, and overall grooming experience.
  • Pet condition checks: document and communicate any changes or concerns regarding a pet's well-being
  • View next appointment/book again: offers a streamlined rebooking process to promote customer loyalty
  • Review booster: actively encouraging customers to leave reviews at the golden moment to grow your online reputation and attract new clients.

To ensure every unique effort receives the recognition it deserves, we made sure that the innovative tool could be crafted to your needs:

  • Accessible for businesses and consumers anywhere, anytime - with a simple link, via SMS, e-mail, or local App, share the report any way you like.
  • Fully customizable- customize what you want to share about the service and set the theme color. Tailor the report in any way that suits your business the best.

Pioneer your grooming services to the next level with a new standard! Elevate customer experiences and showcase your expertise to boost your business today!


1. How to send out Grooming Report

Step 1: Enter your feedback with love and care

  • Click on <Grooming Report> in the appointment detail to enter the grooming report for a specific pet.
  • Upload photos and your comments.
  • Decide on the pet conditions you wanted to provide further feedback.

Step 2: Preview and send out your report

  • Preview the grooming report.  Click on <Preview> and you’ll be able to preview the grooming report in the exact same way your client would receive.
  • Send out your report. Once you are happy with your work, you can send out the link to the grooming report directly to your client, either via SMS or share via the local app.

2. Customize your template

Enable / Disable a whole section

We understand that each business might have its own way of customer engagement. You can always go to Settings Grooming ReportEdit template to add or take off a whole section, eg, Next Appointment or Pet condition.

Customize fields and options

For each section, you can add your own customized questions or add more favored options to our existing questions based on your need.

Configure review channel

You can edit the link to your review site that gets pumped at the end of your grooming report. This will by default inherit from what you’ve configured in the review booster setting, and any updates to the review site here will also get synced to the review booster automatically.

Edit brand customization

Like everywhere else in MoeGo, of course, you can customize to have a grooming report in your own theme color.

3. Checkout reviews and feedback

You can view all feedback via review booster and via grooming report in the newly added “Reviews" section under Review Booster.

4. Frequently asked questions

Q1. Can I send the grooming report via Email?

Yes, you can go to Settings → Grooming Report → Sharing channel.

But please note, you won’t be able to include the review booster in the email report.

Q2.What if I want to update information after the grooming report has been sent?

You can always go back and update your grooming report, and when you’ve done all your corrections, you can simply click "send again", and your client will receive an updated version of the grooming report.

Q3.What happened to the drafted grooming report if I updated my template?

We’ll ask for your confirmation to apply to the updated template when you re-enter the specific grooming report. And once you choose to apply the updated template, we’ll automatically merge in the updated structure.

Q4.If I enabled review integration with the grooming report, will it pause the review booster?

No, the review booster will not be affected by the grooming report view integration.

5. How to get started

To try the feature, please go to the Appointments page on the desktop version.

Try it Now

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