This article will introduce:

Part 1 How to manage the product list

Part 2 How to check out for products

Part 3 How to track product sales

Part 1 How to manage the product list

1.1 Add a product

  • Navigate to Retail from the left navbar
  • Click + Add button on the right hand
  • Enter a product Name , Retail price , The definitions for SKU, Handle and Barcode for a product are as follows:

SKU (Stock keeping unit): This is a unique product code you can come up with for you and your staff to track products within your business.

Barcode: Also known as the Universal Product Code(UPC), this is the barcode printed in each product which varies from one product variant to another and in most cases a unique code globally containing 8-14 digits. If any of your products don’t have a barcode printed on the packaging, you can leave the ‘Barcode' field empty. Once you fill in the barcode your product is ready for scanning while selling it.

Tips: you can scan the barcode on your product through a barcode scanner on this page, it will automatically fill in the Barcode field

1.2 Edit/Delete a product

Simply click on a product record will take you to the editing page:

And the Delete button is at the end of the page:

1.3 Edit Category&Supplier

You can add/delete/update Category and Supplier freely in the retail section:

Take Category for example:

Tips: Any Category or Supplier in use is forbidden to be deleted.

1.4 Edit the stock

The stock control section is on the bottom-left of the product detail page.

In addition to updating the stock number manually, the stock number will be updated automatically along with the following selling actions:

  • Sell a product (single sell or sell in grooming ticket)
  • Remove a product from the grooming ticket

You can also check out the Stock history in this section to see why the stock number has been added or removed.

Part 2 How to check out for products

2.1 Sell products with a grooming ticket

You can add products to a grooming appointment during or before checkout:

  • Click on an appointment to open the appointment detail modal
  • Click on Take payment and click Charge now to open the invoice modal
  • Click on Add product sale from the left side of the modal, it will open a product editing sidebar for you from the right side:
Tips: you can scan the barcode on your product through a barcode scanner in this modal, it will search for the product and then add it to the invoice you are editing.

Please check out this video to get a sense of how to add and sell a product(with and without a scanner)


2.2 Sell products without a grooming ticket

Click on the general + Create button on the header nav bar, and click Sell products will take you to a page to sell products on their own:

This flow is similar to creating a grooming appointment flow:

  • Select a client to sell the product to
  • Select products
  • You can edit Quantity, Price or add Discount in the sell:

Part 3 How to track product sales

3.1 View sales history

You can find any invoice that includes products sale in Retain → Sales history

  • Navigate to Retail from the left navbar
  • Switch to Sales history

3.2 View product report

We offer two kinds of product reports at this point.

>> Product sales report will show you what product has been sold in a specific time period, including fields:

  • Quantity sold
  • Supplier cost
  • Total cost = Supplier cost x Quantity sold
  • Gross profit
  • Net profit

>> Product by stock report will show you what’s the current stock number of each product in a specific time period.