We recognize that mobile grooming businesses, especially those with multiple vans or different service areas for different dates, require flexible and precise management of their operations. To cater to this need, we've tailored our Service Area setting specifically for the mobile grooming industry. This allows you to seamlessly establish distinct service areas and utilize them for various operational aspects such as setting Certain area for Certain days, Online Booking, and client management.

1.Adding a Service Area

Before leveraging your service area for shift management or online booking, you need to add it to your service area list. Here's how:

Navigate to Settings > Business > Service Area.

Select <Add new service area> to include a new area to your business.

There are two methods to define a service area:

  • By Drawing on the Map: Click< Draw >, then create a custom boundary by clicking on the edge points of the desired area.
  • By Zipcodes: Enter the zip codes of the locations to be included in your service area.

zip code Tip: Use <Show existing area> to view all your added service areas and <Show client> to see your clients' locations on the map.

After delineating your area, click <Next> to name the service area and choose the color code for the area, then you can save your new service area to your service area list.

2.Setting Up Service Area for Daily Operations

1) Certain Area for Certain Days (CACD) in Shift Management

CACD (Certain Area for Certain Days) setting can help you to control available regions for different dates so you can adopt Smart Scheduling without considering the service area change. You can also set up CACD for Online Booking so that customers from a certain area can only request certain dates from Online Bookings.

To set up CACD for your staff on a daily basis, you can use the MoeGo App. For detailed instructions, please refer to this wiki link.

If your staff members have a regular CACD pattern for their shifts, you can set up the service areas based on their shift patterns using the desktop version. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Staff > Shift Management.
  2. Switch to list view.
  3. Click on the target staff member to add service areas to their shift.

2) Date Override

Sometimes, you may need to change the service area or time for a specific day. To do this, go to Settings > Staff > Shift Management and switch to the list view. Then, navigate to the <Date override> section to make the necessary changes to the service area for that particular date.

3.Applications of Service Area

1) Applying Service Area for Online Booking

After setting up the service areas, consult the Online Booking mobile grooming guide to configure service areas for Online Booking.

2) Viewing Location Info of Online Booking Requests

Upon receiving an Online Booking request, click on it from the dashboard to view the client's location on the map view and see if they fall within your service area.

3) Viewing Location Info of Intake Forms

Upon receiving an Online Intake form, click on the form to view the client's location on the map. Check if they fall within your service area.

4) Filter Client by Service Area

To filter clients by area, go to Client & pets > Filters > Service area. For a comprehensive guide, refer to the Smart Filter for Client List wiki.

5) Sales Report by Service Area

Access Reports > Reports > Sales > Sales by service area to view different service area sales reports.

4.Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who is eligible to use the Service Area setting?

Answer: The new service area setting is exclusively available to Mobile Grooming Businesses on the Growth and Ultimate plans.

Q2: How do I transition CACD data from the original to the new format?

Answer: We will automatically convert the data format upon your first visit to the shift management page.

Q: How do I convert Online Booking service area data from the old to the new format?

Answer: We will automatically transition your original Online Booking service area data to a single service area profile.