Hey there! Welcome to the ultimate guide for MoeGo Online Booking - a powerful solution that's perfect for taking your business to the next level. If you're curious to see how our online booking system works, be sure to check out our demo page here. It's the real deal!

This guide is structured into four core sections to provide you with a complete understanding of the platform:

Setting Up Your Online Booking Landing Page: Learn how to set up your personal business page and create an impressive online presence with MoeGo's customizable storefront page.

Navigating the Online Booking Flow: This section covers what your customers will see and experience during the online booking process. It also explains how to set up the flow, including the necessary input information, agreements, and options for adding a card on file to prevent no-shows.

Managing Online Booking Requests: Learn where and how to review, accept, or decline customer requests. Additionally, discover how to check abandoned bookings and how to win back customers' trust. Finally, explore how automation can streamline your business operations with Online Booking.

Integrations: Enhance the booking managing experience with integrated features and third-party tools designed to make your operations smoother and more efficient.

By delving into each section, you'll equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to make the most of what MoeGo Online Booking has to offer. Let's get started.

1. Online Booking Landing Page

Your business's digital storefront begins with a customizable landing page, which serves as the entrance to your business's online booking page. This page provides a space to showcase your brand, services, and other general information. Additionally, a "Book Now" button is available to allow customers to initiate the booking process.

Be sure to check out our demo page here. To learn how to set it up and integrate it into your business website, visit: Learn how to set up your Landing Page.

2. Online Booking Flow

When a new customer submits their booking request through your Online Booking site, they go through the following process:

Step 1: Input their general information, including phone number, name, email, pet numbers, and address.

Step 2: Input the pet's basic information,

Step 3: Select service and staff.

Step 4: Select an available time slot.

Step 5: Answer booking questions for pets and pet parents.

Step 6: Sign agreements.

Step 7: Add a card to the client file.

Below is a step-by-step showcase of the whole Online Booking process as well as how to set up each step from the business side.

What your customers will see: Input their general information, including phone number, name, email, pet numbers, and address.

1)Online Booking Service Area for Mobile Booking

The address input step is only available when mobile grooming turns on the Require address for service area setup. Once turned on, if the customer's address is outside your service area, they will not be able to take further steps through online bookings. To learn how to set up your service area for online booking, visit Online Booking for Mobile Grooming.

What your customer will see: Input the pet's basic information, selecting service and staff.

2) Service and Staff

If you need to restrict some of the services and add-ons available for online booking, and only allow certain staff members to be booked for specific services, you can customize your service menus to meet the unique needs of your business and customers. Visit Online Booking Service to learn how to do this.

What your customer will see: Select an available time slot.

3) Availability

We provide a variety of availability settings to enhance your online booking experience, giving you the flexibility to meet your business needs and operational rhythm. This is especially important as more businesses have their own ways of managing appointments.

Check out our guide on how to set your Online Booking Availability by working hours and slots, as well as how to set limitations.

What your customer will see: Answer booking questions for pets and pet parents

4) Customize Booking Questions

In diverse business situations, the information you'll need to gather during the online booking process can vary widely. Whether it's vaccine records, grooming preferences, or health-related notes for your furry clients, MoeGo's adaptable booking system enables you to tailor your questionnaires to suit the unique needs of both pets and their owners. For a detailed walkthrough on personalizing your booking questions, take a look at Customize booking questions.

5) Checking for outdated information for existing customers

For existing customers who want to share updates, they can edit existing pet information during the booking process. The system automatically checks for expired or missing vaccine records, prompting clients to update if necessary. Click Client update information during Online Booking to learn how your clients can update their information during the booking process to keep your records accurate and up-to-date.

What your customer will see: Signing Agreements

6) Agreements

Check Agreement signature required for online booking to learn how to request customers to sign agreements (such as no-show agreements, service agreements, or model releases) when they book online.

For a general guide on customizing agreements, click here.

What your customer will see: Adding a card to the client file.

7) Requesting a card during online booking

Adding a card to a client's file guarantees that you will still receive your deserved revenue in case of last-minute cancellations or no-shows. It also streamlines the payment process, making transactions swift, secure, and hassle-free. To seamlessly integrate saved cards during the booking process, allowing your customers to breeze through reservations without the hassle of re-entering payment details, follow these steps: Save cards during the booking process.

8) Enabling Online Bookings

Once you have completed the setup process, go to Online Bookings > Settings > Enabling online booking to make your online site live.

3. Online Booking Settings on MoeGo App

You can access some of the Online Booking Settings from your MoeGo App by following these steps:

  1. Click on Settings > Online bookings.
  2. From there, you can:
  • Share your Online Booking site directly through your phone by clicking on < Share URL >.
  • Save the QR code to your album for your Online Booking Site by clicking on < QR code > and < Share business QR code >.
  • Enable or disable your Online Booking site.
  • Configure automation settings. For a comprehensive explanation of the different automatic workflows available to handle booking requests, click here.

To access all online booking settings, we recommend using the desktop version of MoeGo.

4. Managing Online Booking Requests

1) Notifications

Whenever a customer books you through our online booking system, you can always receive a notification and never miss any booking. See Online booking notifications about how to set up and where to view those notifications.

2) Dashboard for requests and waitlists

All of your booking requests and waitlist information will be displayed on your dashboard. Here is a guide on how to check your online booking reports and use the automatic workflow to manage booking requests with ease: Online Booking Dashboard.

3) Approve, decline, or move requests to the waitlist

When clients successfully submit a booking request from your online booking page, you have the option to approve, decline, or move the request to the waitlist. You can refer to this guide for more information on how to handle your online booking requests: Online Booking Request

4) Using Automation to approve, decline, or move requests to the waitlist

MoeGo provides you with Automation settings that allow you to automate the workflow for handling booking requests. This eliminates the hassle of manual request management. For a detailed explanation of the various automatic workflows available for handling booking requests, click here.

5) Abandoned Booking List

MoeGo provides you with the opportunity to recover unsuccessful booking attempts made by customers who visited your booking site, for various reasons. You can turn these abandoned bookings into successful ones, by checking the MoeGo Abandoned Booking List. This allows you to view your abandoned clients, reach out to them to schedule appointments, track your recovery performance on a regular basis, identify trends, and optimize strategies to enhance booking recovery over time.

5. Integrations

MoeGo is equipped with several third-party tools to enhance the booking management process, making it smoother and more efficient.

Google Analytics Integration

Monitor and evaluate your online booking performance through Google Analytics. See Google Analytics Integration Guide .

Reserve with Google (Coming Soon)

A forthcoming feature that will allow your customers to access your Online Booking page directly through Google's interface.

By exploring each of these sections and integrating the features into your business operations, MoeGo Online Booking aims to simplify your management tasks, enhance customer experience, and elevate your brand's online presence.