Recognizing that different customers have varying preferences and needs, MoeGo offers a diverse range of methods through which cards can be added to file.

It guarantees that you still earn your deserved revenue with last-minute cancellations and no-shows. It also streamlines the payment processes, making transactions swift, secure, and hassle-free.

With five convenient ways to add cards on file, we're putting you in control:

📱 Text:

Send payment requests via text, whether it's to individuals or a group. Customers can add their card information with a few taps, enhancing their overall experience.

Click here to know more details on how to do it.

🌐 Online Booking:

Seamlessly integrate saved cards during the booking process, allowing your customers to breeze through reservations without the hassle of re-entering payment details.

  1. Go to Online Booking > Setting > Payment
  2. Click on < Require card on file (No-show protection) >
  3. Edit your no-show policy in the text box

At the final step of online booking, the client will need to look through the no-show policy and add the card info to submit the request. Once the booking request is successfully submitted, the credit card payment information can be stored.

Here is what will clients see during the booking process:


📝 Intake Form:

Simplify data collection by offering the option to save card information right from your intake forms.

  1. Go to Intake form > Settings, and select one intake form to set it up.
  2. Scroll down to < Credit card submission > and select the checkbox to show the question.
  3. Click the next checkbox for "Required to answer" so this question needs to be filled out before submitting the intake form.

(Click here to get more info about the intake form set up)


You are free to create a new intake form for card-on-file or require it on the existing intake forms. You may share the intake form link in the way you preferred, including sending text, and posting on social media etc,. Once the intake form has been received, the credit card payment information can be stored.

Here is what will clients see when filling out the intake form:

Manual Input:

For in-person interactions, easily input card details using our user-friendly interface. Quick and secure, this method is perfect for any scenario.

On the desktop:

  1. Go to client’s profile > Credit cards
  2. Click on < Add card >
  3. Input the card info

On the mobile app:

  1. Go to client’s profile > Card on file
  2. Click on < Add a card >
  3. Click on < Add manually >
  4. Input the card info

💳 Save at Checkout:

Give you the choice to save their cards during the checkout process, promoting repeat business while reducing friction during subsequent transactions.

On the desktop:

  1. When checkout, select < Credit card >
  2. Input the card info
  3. Click on < Save card on file >

On the mobile app:

  1. When checkout, select < Customer card on file >
  2. Click on < Add new card >
  3. Input the card info
  4. Click on < Save card on file >

❓ Frequently asked question

Q1. Is it safe to save card info on MoeGo?

The card info will be saved on the current primary payment processor. Rest assured that we prioritize the highest standards of security and compliance, employing robust encryption protocols and adhering to industry regulations. You can trust that your customer’s payment data is in safe hands.

Q2. Is there any area limitations for the card-on-file feature?

It is only available for those areas that support the payment processor. While Stripe is available in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia, card-on-file is supported in these areas.

But for the UK users who enable care authorization, the card may fail to be saved due to the 3DS issue. Click here to know more details about it.

Q3. Can a client add another card if they have an existing card on file through the intake form?

The new card won't be added if there is already an existing card on file.

Q4. Can my clients quick-scan the card number when filling out the card info?

This is available for iOS device users. Click on the autofill button and use camera.

Q5. Can I transfer the card info saved to another processor?

Since the card info is encrypted by each processor, it is not possible to transfer the card info.

Q6. If I switch from one processor to another, will the card-on-file requirement for online booking prompt existing customers to input a new card again?

Yes, it will require customers to input a new card.

MoeGo team is always here 24/7 for you if you have any further questions.