Set up notifications so you or your staff will always receive reminders whenever there is an update.

MoeGo notifications

Set up notifications

  1. Go to <Setting> on the side-menu
  2. Click on <Staff> tab on the secondary side-menu
  3. Pick one of the staff you want to set
  4. Roll down to the <Receive notification> part
  5. Customize the setting of the notification that suits your business!

Notification included:

  • Booking created for this staff
  • Booking canceled for this staff
  • Booking updated for this staff
  • New booking requested
  • New intake form submitted
  • Agreement signed
  • Invoice paid
  • Review submitted

Check notifications

  1. Open MoeGo
  2. Click the <bell icon> on the top menu bar
  3. A list of notifications will show up
  4. Click one to read the details.

Set up online booking notifications

Please click here