Gear up for a transformed booking experience with MoeGo's Online Booking 3.0! As we will sunset Online Booking 2.0 on January 3rd, 2024, upgrade today to elevate your booking process effortlessly. The transition will be completely free of charge!

This blog is your go-to guide to discover key updates in Online Booking 3.0 and seamlessly transition with a few clicks. For a comprehensive guide on using the newest Online Booking 3.0, please visit here.

What's New in Online Booking 3.0?

Compared to the previous version, Online Booking 3.0 offers more customizability to your online booking system and robust integrations for you to streamline your business.

Highlighted Features

Revamped Landing Page

Online Booking 3.0 introduces a highly customizable landing page, serving as the digital front door to your business. It features a location search bar, helping your customers easily check if they are in your service area.

The new landing page features:

  • Before & After Showcase
  • Amenities
  • Accepted Payment Methods
  • Business QR code

These features not only elevate your brand image but also improve functionality, making it easier for clients to engage with your business. More features will be coming soon to display your service area (for mobile grooming only) and highlight your clients' reviews. Explore the demo page here and set up instructions here.

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Recover Abandoned Bookings

The Abandoned Booking feature empowers you to boost your revenue by recovering unsuccessful booking attempts made by customers who visited your site for various reasons.

With this feature, you can:

  • Identify abandoned clients
  • Reach out to them
  • Schedule appointments.
  • Track your recovered revenue and performance

💡Learn more about using Abandoned Bookings here.

Set Your Booking Limits

The Booking Limits feature gives you full control over your online booking requests. This tool allows you to set precise capacity on the number of pets that can be accepted for each staff on a specific day.

You can set multiple limitations by specifying constraints based on:

  • Pet size
  • Pet type and breed

💡 Learn more about it here.

Customize Booking Questions & Client Information Update

Online Booking 3.0 makes managing client and pet information more precise and straightforward. You can customize more booking questions to collect specific details like vaccine records or grooming preferences. Your clients can update their information when making an appointment, which you can choose to automatically or manually accept.

💡Learn more about how to streamline client information updates here.

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Reserve with Google Integration

The first in the pet industry, MoeGo's integration of Reserve with Google empowers you to add a "BOOK ONLINE" button to your Google Business Profile for direct appointment scheduling from Google Search and Maps.

💡 You can learn more about how to enable this integration in Online Booking 3.0 in this guide.

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Other Enhancements

  • Better Communication with Clients: Based on your scheduling needs, you can choose to display your availability as flexible as Date Only, or as precise as the Exact Time. You can also disable staff selection to prevent clients from choosing a staff member who may not specialize in the grooming needs of a particular breed or size. Keep your clients informed and manage their expectations effectively.
    • 💡 Learn more here.
  • Advanced Service Area Settings for Mobile Grooming: Tailor your service areas more precisely, especially beneficial for mobile grooming services, to optimize travel and service efficiency.
    • 💡Learn more here.
  • More Flexible Availability Based on Shift Management: You can easily sync/ un-sync your team's schedule based on shift management settings.
    • 💡Learn more here.
  • Team Highlight & Client Reviews: Showcase positive client reviews to enhance credibility and attract more business.
    • 💡Learn more here.
  • Customized Payment Option by Clients: Recognizing that prepayment requirements may create barriers for your clients in submitting booking requests, this feature allows you to apply more tailored payment requirements, such as deposits or pre-authorizations, to help you prepare in cases of no-shows or last-minute cancellations.
    • 💡Learn more here.
  • Intuitive Service Area Display: This will be visible on the landing page, making it easier for clients to understand your service coverage.
    • 💡Learn more here.

How Do I Transition to Online Booking 3.0?

Identifying Your Current Version

To determine whether you are using Online Booking 2.0 or 3.0, you can:

  1. Navigate to the < Online Booking > section on the desktop.
  2. Observe the < Online Booking > dashboard:

Online Booking 3.0 displays < Booking request >, <Waitlist >, and < Abandoned bookings > options, along with Automation and Settings, and a request overview.

If you are on Online Booking 2.0, you will see a banner guiding you to < Update for free >

Seamless Steps to Transitioning

Upgrading to Online Booking 3.0 from the 2.0 version is a simple process. Here are the steps to make this transition:


To transition from Online Booking 2.0 to Online Booking 3.0 from the desktop version, simply:

  1. Access Your Dashboard: Start by going to your dashboard and finding the < Online Booking > section. This is your control panel for managing your online bookings.
  2. Begin the Update: Look for the < Say Hi to Online Booking 3.0 > banner at the top of the page. Then, click on the < Update for free >.
  3. Enter Your Business Details: To set up, you'll need to input or update essential information about your business. This includes your business name, physical address, operational hours, and social media profile links. Existing data in your previous online booking system will be automatically filled.
  4. Finalize the Upgrade: After entering all the necessary details, click on < Complete > to finalize the upgrade process.

Once you've completed these steps, your MoeGo system will be successfully upgraded to Online Booking 3.0, and you will be ready to unlock the powerful new features!


Q: Can I stay on Online Booking 2.0?

Answer: Please note that after January 3rd, 2024, users on Online Booking 2.0 will be automatically switched to Online Booking 3.0. We recommend everyone upgrade manually before this date to avoid any potential disruptions in your workflow.

Q: Will Online Booking 3.0 preserve my settings in the 2.0 version?

Answer: Yes, all existing settings from the previous version will be kept.

Q: Will Online Booking 3.0 be compatible with my existing booking data?

Answer: Yes, all your existing booking requests and waitlist data will be intact and accessible in Online Booking 3.0.

Q: How do I inform my clients about the upgrade to Online Booking 3.0?

Answer: You can share the Online Booking link through the message center, use the QR code, etc. Online booking 3.0 uses the same link as the 2.0 MoeGo Online Booking link of your business. Your clients can use this link to book appointments. The system will guide them to the appropriate version based on the current Online Booking version you are using.

Q: Will upgrading to Online Booking 3.0 affect my website if I'm using the embed feature?

Answer: Post-upgrade, it's recommended to check your website if you're using the embed feature. Specifically, if you're using the "Auto open booking modal" code template from 2.0, update it with the new template available in the embed settings of 3.0 for optimal functionality.