MoeGo's Online Booking system is where simplicity meets flexibility in managing client payments. With Payment Requirements and Customized Payment Options by Clients, our payment system is designed to cater to the diverse needs of your business.

Setting General Payment Requirements

Our Online Booking payments feature empowers you to set payment requirements that suit your preferences and business needs. The methods include the following:

  • Prepayment / Deposit: Requiring clients to pay up to the full amount of your service fee when submitting booking requests. Learn more here,
  • MoeGo Pay Pre-auth: Requiring a valid card on file upon booking. The card will be pre-authorized for the client's ticket amount 24 hours before the appointment, safeguarding revenue and reducing no-shows. Learn more here.
  • Card on File: Requiring your clients to input valid credit cards on file when submitting booking requests. Learn more here.
  • No Payment: Clients can directly submit bookings without payment required.

Setup Steps

Go to Online Booking > Settings > Payment > Payment requirement, and select the required payment method of your choice to be applied to all clients.

Setting Customized Payment Options by Clients

Recognizing that prepayment requirements may create barriers for your clients in submitting booking requests, we introduce the Customized Payment Options by Clients feature. With a few clicks, you can apply more tailored payment requirements, such as deposits or pre-authorizations, to help you prepare in cases of no-shows or last-minute cancellations.

Setup Steps

  1. Go to Online Booking > Settings > Payment > Customized Payment Options by Clients.
  2. Select a client group/client groups. You can choose from < New Visitors > and/or < Existing clients with filters >.
  3. Select the payment method you want to apply to this group of clients.