Managing payments in the grooming industry requires more than just handling money. Trust, efficiency, and overall customer experience are all crucial factors.

MoeGo Pay is an all-in-one payment management tool designed specifically for this industry. It seamlessly integrates with MoeGo to provide a user-friendly experience. With prepayments, pre-auth or card authentication, MoeGo Pay reduces no-show problems, making bookings hassle-free. Enjoy secure transactions, streamlined checkouts, and smooth online interactions with clients by using MoeGo Pay.

1. Setting up MoeGo Pay

Setting up MoeGo Pay is rather quick and easy. It requires two simple steps- Identity Verification and Business Verification. With Your ID (Identity card, passport, or Driver's license) document, your EIN (Employer Identification Number) document, your Social Security number, and banking information ready, you can start setting up MoeGo Pay on your desktop or on MoeGo App.

If you have all the correct documents submitted, you can be verified in as little as 10 minutes!


Click Here for a detailed introduction to How To Set Up MoeGo Pay.

2. Use MoeGo Pay to maximize your financial security

MoeGo Pay has different security levels to help your business. They protect against things like last-minute cancellations and make sure customer cards are valid. This helps make transactions with clients safe and easy.

Level 1: MoeGo Pay Card on File

Utilize five methods to keep a client's card on file, safeguarding your revenue against last-minute cancellations and no-shows while making payments quick and secure.

Learn More About Card on File

Level 2: MoeGo Pay Card Authentication

Before securely storing the card information, a nominal pre-authorization charge of $0.50 is made. This step ensures that all cards are valid, genuine, and unfrozen, thereby avoiding any surprises during the booking or checkout stages.

Find Out More About Card Authentication

Level 3: MoeGo Pay Prepayment and Pre-auth

You can require either prepayment or pre-auth for online booking request to secure your revenue stream and avoid the impact of no-show and late cancellations. Customized payment requirements can also be set up for different client types.

MoeGo Pay Prepayment allows you to require a deposit or full payment at the time of online booking, ensuring that your future revenue is secured before services are rendered. You have complete control over the prepayment terms, which provides an additional layer of financial security.

Learn More About Prepayment Options

MoeGo Pay Pre-auth allows you to validate and hold the full ticket price automatically before the service date. Once the service is completed, you can charge the reserved amount during checkout.

Learn More About MoeGo Pay Pre-auth

What we offer by different security methods:

MoeGo Pay Card on File MoeGo Card Authentication MoeGo Pay Prepayment & Pre-auth
Require card on file
Checking card availability
Take payments before appointments

3. Elevate Your Business Operations with MoeGo Pay

We offer solutions designed to improve your operational efficiency and increase your financial gains.

Get paid faster: Next-Day Payouts

Experience the convenience of receiving all your processed transactions the next business day with our Next-Day Payout feature, all without any additional fees. For more details, visit the MoeGo Pay Next-Day Payout page.

Boost Your Tips: Smart Tip

Customize your tipping settings to maximize your tip revenue. Smart Tip allows for flexibility in tip rates based on ticket prices, such as offering percentage-based tips for higher ticket prices and fixed amounts for smaller ones. Unleash your creativity! Explore Smart Tip further

Shift Processing Fees to Clients

Choose to pass on processing fees directly to your clients. Simply set up the fee rate in the system, and MoeGo will automatically calculate the exact charges for each transaction, making them ready to be applied at checkout. You can also exclude passing on the fee to debit cards to ensure compliance with regulation and card-issuer protocols.

For a comprehensive guide on implementing this convenience fee, click here.

4. Taking Payments with MoeGo Pay

The most convenient way to take payments during checkout is to directly charge the client's card on file.

Requesting Cards on File

There are five basic ways to request a card from a client for their client profile: you can ask through text, Intake form, manually input it during a call or conversation, save it during checkout, or ask your client to input it during the Online Booking process. You can find a detailed description of how to use these five different methods to add a card on file at Five Methods to Keep a Client's Card on File.

Taking Payments during Checkout through Cards on File

On 🖥️ Desktop

  1. Click on <Take payment> in the appointment details
  2. Select <Credit Card> as the payment method
  3. select <Customer card on file>, then <Charge>

On 📱 App

  1. Select <Take payment> from appointment detail page, then tap <Take payment> again
  2. Select <Charge Now>
  3. Select <Customer card on file>
  4. Confirm the amount and tap <Charge>

Sending online invoice

Once you have received payments with MoeGo Pay, you can send an invoice to your customer directly from the appointment detail page.

On 🖥️ Desktop

  1. Click <Invoice> button located on the appointment detail drawer
  2. Then <Send invoice>
  3. Select either <Send by message> or < Send by email>, edit the message and click <Confirm> to send. Before you send, you can choose a different recipient number is the client has multiple numbers on file.

On 📱 App

  1. Tap <Invoice> on the appointment detail page,
  2. Tap <Send receipt>
  3. Select <Send by message> or <Send by email>
  4. Edit message content, and click <Send>. Before you send, you can choose a different recipient number is the client has multiple numbers on file.

In some cases, customers may prefer to pay using a physical credit card. In this case, we offer two different ways of processing payments.

Tap to Pay on iPhone

If you need to take card payments during daily operations and don't want to purchase any extra devices, consider using Tap to Pay on iPhone!

With an iPhone, you can easily accept payments from contactless credit/debit cards or digital wallets anytime, anywhere. To learn more, visit Tap to Pay on iPhone.


We have collaborated with the pet grooming community to create a premier point-of-sale solution as part of our comprehensive product suite. Our offerings include:

  • M2 Reader: A battery-operated Bluetooth device that works with the MoeGo Mobile App. It is compatible with iOS and Android point-of-sale apps, making it perfect for businesses on-the-go. Learn more about M2 Reader
  • Smart Reader: also known as WisePOS™ E, is a touchscreen-equipped device that is compatible with both MoeGo Web and MoeGo Mobile App via WiFi. Its size is similar to that of a smartphone, making it versatile for use in-store, whether on the countertop or as a handheld reader. Discover the features of WisePOS™ E

For a complete list of our hardware offerings, click here.

MoeGo Pay is your comprehensive solution for secure, efficient, and hassle-free payment management. Upgrade your operational efficiency and financial security today!