How Bluetooth Reader Work With MoeGo

Bluetooth Reader, known as M2 Reader, is compatible with MoeGo Mobile App, ideal for in-store or mobile businesses on the go.

Reader M2 is a battery-powered mobile reader for your iOS and Android-based point of sale applications.

Reader M2 connects to your MoeGo app over Bluetooth, and can be used with an optional dock or tablet mount.

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Get Ready To Set Up Bluetooth Reader

Step 1: Download the MoeGo App

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Step 2: Enable bluetooth permission

Please ensure Bluetooth permission is enabled for the MoeGo app on your mobile phone.

After installing the app, you should receive a pop-up requesting Bluetooth permission.

Alternatively, you can enable Bluetooth permission for the app by going to your phone's settings.

Step 3: Set up MoeGo Pay

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Step 4: Check the reader Status

Please ensure the reader is fully charged and turned on.

To charge the Stripe Reader M2, use the included cable or a USB 2.0 cable. (With typical usage, you only need to charge the reader fully once per day.)

When the Stripe Reader M2 is on, you can press and release the power button once to check the battery level. The LEDs on top of the reader show the current status.

How To Pair Bluetooth Reader (App)

Click to watch the video tutorial.

  1. Go to Settings > MoeGo Pay
  2. Scroll down to Bluetooth Reader
  3. Press and hold on the power button on the M2 reader (Once activated, the lights on the reader will flash, and the reader will make a beep)
  4. Click on the device found in MoeGo
  5. Confirm to pair the reader (Please remain on the page while the device is pairing, the reader page will show once the pairing succeeds.)

How To Take Payment With Bluetooth Reader (App)

Click to watch the video tutorial.

  1. At checkout, click on < MoeGo Pay >
  2. < Charge > with Bluetooth Reader selected
  3. Choose the tips option or not on the app
  4. Insert, tap, or swipe the card to take payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What to do if the app continuously tries to connect

The reader may be undergoing an update. Please ensure that your network connection is stable. The update can take up to 15 minutes.

Q2. What to do if connected but can’t take payment

It is possible that you are charging from another reader. Check the connected reader’s S/N code and compare it with the S/N code on the back of the reader to make sure you are taking payment from the correct reader.

Q3. What to do if unable to connect the reader

  1. Close the MoeGo app.
  2. Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your device.
  3. Tap the “i” icon next to your Reader and select “Forget This Device.”
  4. Reopen the MoeGo app and re-connect the Bluetooth reader. Make sure to connect it within the MoeGo app

Please pair the reader to MoeGo app instead of the mobile phone.

Q4.  Is there any area restriction for using M2 reader?

MoeGo Pay currently do not support integration with Stripe reader for Australian, Canadian, UK users.

MoeGo team is always here 24/7 for you if you have any further questions.