Saving a card on file has become a norm for pet businesses. It guarantees that you still earn your revenue when last-minute cancellations and no-shows happen, and on the other hand, ensures a faster checkout experience for both you and your clients. Now MoeGo has made it easier for you with added 'card on file' status and one-click request!

You're able to quickly find out if the client has a card on file by the shield icon, seamlessly charge the stored card at checkout, or send a request with one click to collect card info and prevent any potential loss.

There are three ways to send a quick request with the prefilled message template:
- from appointment detail
- from client profile (grey icon or under card on file tab)
- from message center

1. Send a request from appointment detail

2. Send a request from message center

3. Send a request from client profile

How can your clients submit a card on file

No matter which way you choose to send the request from the above three, your clients will receive a text message with a secured link. Once open it, they will be guided to safely fill out the card details and submit the encrypted info to your end for future charges.