Shout out to all MoeGo Pay Users- our Tap to Pay on iPhone feature is officially ready to use!

With an iPhone, you can easily accept payments from contactless credit/debit cards or digital wallets anytime, anywhere. No more backup hardware is needed for any terminals. Embrace a simpler and faster checkout experience for both your staff and customers.

If you are not a MoeGo Pay user yet, Tap to Pay on iPhone is another reason why you should Get started with MoeGo Pay! We offer the best-integrated payment solution for MoeGo users and aim to make your life easier ❤️.

1. How to Use Tap to Pay on iPhone

Step 1: Setting up the Tap to Pay on iPhone

Before setting up Tap to Pay, please make sure that the MoeGo Pay has already been set up in your account, and only the business owner is allowed to initialize the setup:

  • Go to Settings > MoeGo Pay page. Scroll down to the Tap to Pay on iPhone section, and an onboarding guide will pop up.
  • Click on Tap to Pay on your iPhone or the "Learn More" button to access the onboarding page for Tap to Pay on iPhone.
  • When you click the "Enable Now" button on the page, the initialization setup for Tap to Pay on iPhone will begin.
  • After a short wait, the system will automatically prompt you to link your Apple ID to your current MoeGo Pay account. You can choose to link your current iPhone's Apple ID or use a different Apple ID for the connection.
  • After selecting the Apple ID, you will see a notification indicating a successful connection. At this point, the setup process for Tap to Pay on iPhone is complete.

Step 2: Checkout with Tap to Pay on iPhone

  • Go to the payment page from the appointment details. Click on MoeGo Pay. Switch to the Tap to Pay on iPhone option.
  • Click on Charge, and once the tip selection is completed, a payment page will appear.
  • The customer can tap the card in the blue dot area indicated in the image.
  • After the payment is successfully made, a payment success page will be displayed. The payment process is now complete.

2. Frequently asked questions

Q1. Which iPhone models support Tap to Pay on iPhone?

Tap to Pay on iPhone is supported by iPhone XS and newer models.

Q2. Which system versions support Tap to Pay on iPhone?

Tap to Pay on iPhone is supported by iOS 16.0 and newer versions.

Q3. Is there any extra charge to use Tap to Pay?

For each transaction made using Tap to Pay on iPhone, an additional fee of 20 cents will be charged.

MoeGo now offers a three-month waiver of the 20 cents fee for up to 30 transactions per month starting from the successful activation of Tap to Pay on iPhone!

Q3. Is there any area restriction to use Tap to Pay?

Due to the limitation of Apple's policy, tap to pay on iPhone is currently available in the United States only.

3. How to get started

To try the feature, please go to the Setting page on the mobile version.

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