MoeGo Pay Pre-auth is a recently introduced payment processing pattern. It allows you to validate and hold the full ticket price before the service date. Once the service is completed, you can charge the reserved amount during checkout. Additionally, we offer automatic capturing of authorized funds at the end of the service day.


Who is eligible to use MoeGo Pay Pre-Auth?

MoeGo Pay Pre-auth is available for all MoeGo Pay users. If you are not currently a MoeGo Pay user, you can refer to MoeGo Pay Overview for a general introduction to MoeGo Pay.

What is your customer experience?

Once MoeGo Pay Pre-auth is enabled, the following is the charging process for appointments with a card on file:

  • 24 hours before the appointment, your customer will notice a hold for the full ticket amount on their selected payment method.
  • After the service is completed, they will see that the on-hold amount has been captured, either at the time of checkout or by the end of the service day.
  • If the service is canceled, they should expect the authorized amount to be released shortly.

How to enable MoeGo Pay Preauth

You can enable MoeGo Pay to preauthorize specific appointments or for all requests from Online Booking.

Enable it for all Online Booking requests

Go to Online Booking > Settings > Payments.

Select < MoeGo Pay Pre-auth>.

You can choose to enable tipping or edit the cancellation policy based on your needs.

  • Enable tipping: When turned on, customers will be prompted to select a tip rate before submitting their booking requests.
  • Cancellation policy: You can customize your cancellation policy while pre-authorization is enabled, and it will be displayed to customers before they submit their booking requests.

Once enabled, all customers will be required to provide their card information before submitting a booking request via online booking. They will also receive a notification that a full ticket amount authorization will be placed on their selected payment method 24 hours prior to the appointment start time.

Enable it for specific appointment

To enable Pre-auth only for specific clients, such as those with a history of no-shows, you can toggle on the <MoeGo Pay Pre-auth> option on the appointment detail page.

If the selected client does not have a card on file, we will send them a link to collect their card information before executing the Pre-auth.

How to checkout pre-authorized appointment

For the pre-authed appointment, you can perform the checkout and take payment as usual, and the authorized fund will be captured along the way. What’s even better, if you were too busy to take payment, the pre-authorized amount will be automatically captured by the end of the service day.

Capturing funds during checkout

For pre-authorized appointments, since we have already determined and authorized their payment method with the corresponding funds, you can proceed directly with charging the selected card to capture the amount.

Capture automatically at the end of the service day

For pre-authorized appointments that have not been paid during checkout, we will automatically capture the final ticket amount from the pre-authorized card by the end of the service day. This will be based on the timezone set in your business settings.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if pre-authorization fails?

You will receive a notification when pre-authorization fails. After the authorization fails, you can go to the appointment detailed page. From there, you can either retry pre-authorization using the same card or switch to another payment method and attempt pre-authorization again.

What if the final ticket total is different than the pre-authorized fund?

If the final ticket cost exceeds the preauthorized amount, we will attempt to capture the full amount using the same payment method with the holding funds during checkout. If the selected payment method does not have sufficient funds, you will have the opportunity to switch payment methods and proceed with checkout as usual.

If the final ticket cost is less than the preauthorized amount, we will only capture the actual ticket amount and automatically release the remaining funds.

How long will the on-hold amount get released if the appointment gets canceled?

Usually, it takes less than one business day, but depending on the processing bank, it might take up to seven business days.