MoeGo Capital is committed to delivering value and care to business owners by offering a fast, flexible, and reliable financing solution.

It provides essential funding to drive growth and expansion. Use the funds to invest in equipment, expand business services, or manage seasonal fluctuations. We understand the challenges you face and are here to back up your need to seize opportunities and achieve lasting success in the pet grooming and care business.

MoeGo Capital Key Benefit

Fast And Simple Application: Benefit from a streamlined loan application process integrated within MoeGo, making it convenient and hassle-free.
Flexible Financing Options: Choose from a variety of customized loan plans tailored to the business performance, meeting your specific needs.
Quick Access To Funds: Address immediate business needs and seize new opportunities without delay. Loans are approved and disbursed within just two business days.
Pay As You Get Paid: Make repayments automatically as a fixed percentage of your daily sales. Manually repay more when business is strong and less during slower periods.
Transparent And Fair Fees: Know exactly how much to pay upfront, with a single fixed fee and no interest rates or late fees.
Data-Driven Insights: Ensure the loan aligns with business revenue trends and supports sustainable growth.

MoeGo Capital Application

👋 Who can apply?

Eligibility is based on a combination of factors, including overall processing volume and history of processing payments with MoeGo Pay.

  • Non-US user: The loan offer is not available for users outside of the US but please stay tuned.
  • Non-MoeGo Pay user: Go to the Card processing section to get started with MoeGo Pay.
  • Not Eligible MoeGo Pay user: Click on < Check Eligibility > under the Finance section to see how to become eligible.
  • Eligible MoeGo Pay user: Can < See my offer > in the Finance section.

Only eligible US businesses with MoeGo Pay will receive an offer when they have an offer available. Your offer is available for 30 days.

✍️ How to apply once you are eligible :

The straightforward application can be submitted within a few clicks.

💻 From Desktop:

Step 1: Go to < Finance > and click on < See my offer >

Step 2: Click on < View your offer > to confirm the following details:

      1. Repayment Rate
      2. 60-day Minimum
      3. Expected Duration
      4. Loan Amount
      5. Fixed Fee
      6. Total Amount Owed

Step 3: Check Application status

Once the application is submitted, please check this page for updates.

You will receive a notification once the process is complete and the request is approved.

MoeGo Capital Deposit

Once your application gets approved, the funds will be issued to your bank account as soon as 2 business days.

You can check the funds issued in Capital payment history as "payout of your loan".

The loans will also be shown as a future payout in the payout history under the card processing section. To make sure that funds are disbursed successfully, please make sure you set a valid bank account as your primary payout method.

MoeGo Capital Repayment

Loan repayments are manageable and directly linked to your business performance.

👍 How repayments work

You’ll automatically repay both the loan and the fee through a percentage of your sales (your repayment rate) until you repay the total amount you owe. The loan fee isn’t charged upfront.

  • Automatic repayment:
    • Repayment is collected automatically through a percentage of your business sales per transaction, known as the repayment rate.
  • Manual repayment:
    • You can make additional payments or pay the total amount you owe in full at any point.

🙌 Manage repayment progress

You can always go to the finance dashboard to check the repayment progress:

  • Already repaid: Amounts repaid to date
  • Total amount due: Loan amount + Fixed fee
  • Loan amount: The amount that has been deposited
  • Fixed fee: The fee paid for the loan
  • Repayment rate: The percentage of each transaction that will be deducted automatically to pay back the loan
  • Periodic minimum: This is the minimum you must reach every 60 days. If you have not reached the minimum through your sales by the end of each period, we will automatically deduct the remainder. Repayments continue through your sales even after you have met the minimum.
  • Capital payment history

💻 From Desktop:

👏 Check repayment status

Repayment overdue

You can click < Make manual payments > to deposit your minimum payment when your loan payment is overdue.

Didn't meet periodic minimum

The automatic loan payment doesn’t meet the 60-day minimum requirement, it will debit your bank account the balance needed to meet your minimum payment. There’s no action needed on your part.

Business Fully Repaid

When the business is fully paid off, please do not hesitate to click on "Contact us" if you need extra funding support!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to pay interest?

A: No, you’ll pay one flat fee that does not change. You won’t pay any interest on top of this fee.

Q: Will applying for an offer affect my credit rating?

A: No, there is no personal credit check. All offers are based on your history with ​business.

Q: Can I request a different offer amount?

A: When you see the offer, you can use a slider to choose a custom amount (up to the maximum offer amount). The loan fee and repayment rate adjust based on the amount you choose.

Q: Can I have my Capital funds paid out to a card?

A: We currently don’t support the disbursal of funds to a card. To make sure that funds are disbursed successfully, you must set a valid bank account as your primary payout method.

Q: What happens when my offer expires?

A: Each offer is available for 30 days. After that point, your business will automatically be re-evaluated to see if you’re eligible for an additional offer.

Q: Will repaying early qualify me for a new offer?

A: Once you repay the total amount owed, you’ll automatically be evaluated for a new offer. Repaying early does not automatically qualify you for a new offer.

Q: How should I report these funds on my taxes?

A: Tax reporting is often dependent on your specific situation, so we encourage you to talk with a tax advisor to ensure appropriate accounting. In general, Stripe Capital funds would not be considered taxable income at the time of receipt, and the amounts withheld to satisfy your obligations are not tax deductible.

Loans are issued by Celtic Bank. All loans subject to credit approval.