In MoeGo, you have the power to effortlessly add and invite staff members! With just a few clicks, you can add new staff members to your roster, whether you're expanding your team or hiring seasonal help.

Time to empower your team:

Add A New Staff

  1. Go to Settings > Staff
  2. Click on < Add new staff >
  3. Upload Avatar for the new staff
  4. Enter staff name, hire date, and role
  5. Click on < Save > to create a new staff account

Invite A New Staff

Step 1: Go to the staff's page, scroll down, and click on < Invite >.

Step 2: Send invitation link to staff and have the staff accept it

There are two options to do it:

Option 1: Enter the staff's email to directly send the invitation via email

The staff can find the invitation in their mailbox. Click on < Accept Invitation> to proceed.

Option 2: Click < Copy invitation link > to get the link and send it to your staff.

If you invite staff by yourself, please log out of your account first. The staff can open the link in a browser. Click on < Accept > to proceed.

Step 3: Get the MoeGo account linked to business

  • If the staff does not have a MoeGo account yet, he/she can sign up to create a new account.
  • If the staff already has a MoeGo account, he/she can log into the existing account.

Once done, the staff account will be linked to the business account. Staff will access MoeGo with limited access.

Control Staff Access

Go to a staff profile, scroll down to the < Control > section.

1. Calendar Access

This is to control whose calendar this staff has access to.

All staff: with the toggle on, this staff will have access to all other staff's calendars.

Certain staff: select from the tags with staff names, this staff will have access to selected staff's calendars.

2.Show On Calendar

This is to decide whether or not this staff will show on the staff list on the calendar view.

With the toggle on, any staff with calendar access will be able to find this staff on the calendar.

3.Enable/disable Staff Login

If this is the first time enable staff login, you will need to share the invitation link for your staff to connect.

Once disabled:

  • Staff will not be able to access the business anymore instantly.
  • If the staff is logged in from other devices, the account will be forced to log out.
  • The appointments that have been set up for that staff will remain in your business, you can also find the appointment details under the client's profile and reports.
  • You can enable staff login back in at any time.

Staff Notification

Go to a staff profile, scroll down to the < Receive notification > section.

This is to control what notification can this staff see. With the toggle on, the staff will receive notifications in the system.

Role Permission

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Shift Management

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Payroll Settings

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Online Booking Availability

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