You can customize staff roles & permissions

What's new:

In the older version, only the Owner and Admin role can log in from the desktop. Now in the MoeGo2.0, staff can also log in from the desktop with controlled access.

In the older version, there are preset roles of Groomer and Groomer Pro. Now In MoeGo2.0, you can add a new role, and customize their permissions.

Role access settings

  1. Go to <Setting> on the side-menu
  2. Click on <Staff> tab on the secondary menu
  3. Click <Role setting>
  4. Hit the green <New role> button on the left. Enter the role name and hit <Save>
  5. Customize the permissions that suit your business!

Change staff role

  1. Select a staff. On the info section, change the <Role> to Manager by the dropdown menu
    💡 You can't change the role of the owner
  2. Hit <Save> and done!

What permissions you can set up

Grooming Ticket

  • Can create and edit ticket
  • Can cancel ticket
  • Can edit ticket
  • Can edit ticket comment & feedback

Staff can only edit ticket comments and grooming reports, other updates on appointment schedules and details will not be allowed.

  • Can create and edit block

Only staff with permission can create, edit, and delete blocks on a calendar


  • Can access client list
  • Can see client full email
  • Can see client contact phone number
  • Can add new client
  • Can delete client
  • Can delete pet
  • Can set pet pass away
  • Can import clients
  • Can export clients


  • Can access card processing
  • Can remove processing fee by client at checkout

Please be aware that with this toggled off, the processing fee will be charged to all transactions including debit card transactions.

Online booking

  • Can access booking requests & waitlist
  • Can access abandoned bookings

Powerful tool

  • Can access intake form
  • Can access agreement
  • Can access report
  • Can edit review booster template
  • Can access Google Calendar sync
  • Can access clock in and out of all staff
  • Can edit clock in and out records of all staff
  • Can access package settings
  • Can access package sale
  • Can access quickbooks
  • Can access marketing campaigns


  • Can access all settings

Turn on to let staff access settings except some permissions below: Staff role settings, Staff pay rate settings, Staff receive notification settings, Grooming report settings

  • Can access staff role settings
  • Can access staff pay rate settings
  • Can access staff receive notification settings
  • Can access grooming report settings

Message center

  • Can access message center


  • Can access product settings
  • Can access product sale