Easy access, good team collaboration and private to your business

How does it work

During your work, lots of notes might need to mark down by you or your staffs. For client and pet notes feature, you are able to add and edit notes for clients and pets whenever you like with easy access.

  • Easy access from clendar view, clients & pets profile and message center
  • Good team collaboration - note view and edit record access for everyone

How to best use the notes

View from every appointments

  • Easy access to see when and what previous groomer said
  • Easy for you and your staff to edit in calendar view

View from the message center

  • Check the note before sending the message

Add notes for clients and pets

Add notes from the calendar

Click on an appointment in your calendar > Client & pet notes > "pet's name" or "client's name" > + Add notes

Add notes from the pet profile

Click a client's profile > Pets > + Add pet note

Add notes from the client profile

Click a client's profile > Client details > + Add client note

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