Pet Codes is one of the most popular updates in the MoeGo2.0! Be creative and customize it to streamline your workflow.

What are pet codes?

Pet codes are customized tags that are combined with color and a label. No matter you are viewing the appointments or creating an appointment, pet codes are always there to remind you how the pet is like and what to notice.

Pet codes on the calendar

How to manage your pet codes

  1. Go to <Setting> on the side-menu
  2. Go to <Pet setting> on the secondary side-menu
  3. Switch to <Pet codes> tab on the top

Add a new pet code

  1. Click the <+Add new pet code> button
  2. Pick a color for the code, type in the title and description for the code
  3. Hit <Add> to add the pet code

🌟 After setting the pet codes, where will I see them?

Pet codes on the appointment cards

If you have marked the pets with pet codes, you will see the colorful bubbles on the appointment cards. Hover the mouse on them, you will see the label for the code pops up to remind you what the code is.

Refer to pet codes when creating an appointment

When you are creating an appointment, you can refer to the pet codes that you set for the pets with the following navigation:

Pet Codes examples

Here are the default pet codes we created for every account. Feel free to edit or add your own pet codes.