Pricing for pets is difficult, it depends on the breed, the size, the weight, the last service date, how well the pet behave etc etc.. One service menu cannot fit all, so we have the feature that you can 'save price for specific pet'.  

What do I use it for?

  • You can save the <Duration> and <Price> of a specific service for the pet.
  • The next time you select the service, the <Saved duration> and <Price> will automatically fill up for the pet

How do I save the price and duration for the pet?

There are two ways to save the duration and price for the pet:

1️⃣ When creating/editing an appointment

  1. Go to <Appointments> on the side menu bar
  2. Create a new appointment or edit an existing appointment
  3. Select a client, a pet, and the service
  4. Adjust the <Duration> and <Price> of the service for the pet
  5. Turn on the <Save duration for the pet> and the <Save price for the pet> options

2️⃣ On the pet detail page

  1. Go to <Clients  & pets> on the side menu bar
  2. Select a client
  3. Go to <Pets> page and select a pet
  4. Go to the <Customized service price> section
  5. Click <+ Add customized> button
  6. Select the <Service name>
  • Check the checkboxes of <Saved duration> and <Saved price>
  • Adjust the duration and amount
  • Hit <Save>