The authentication issue of customer self-filled cards has been an ongoing concern for groomers. As long as the format is compliant, carefully fabricated cards can be easily submitted.

Introducing MoeGo Pay Card Authentication. With card authentication, all future card info will be authenticated with a $0.50 pre-authorization charge before storing it on file. With this action, the groomers could identify all the invalid, fake, and frozen cards before going through the booking pr checkout process. We are committed to ensuring that every card on file processed through MoeGo Pay is authentic and valid upon entering the system.

1. How to Use Card Authentication

Setting up the Card Authentication

Before setting up Card Authentication, please make sure that MoeGo Pay has already been set up in your account.

  • Go to Card Processing > Card Authentication and switch on the button to turn on Card Authentication.

2. How Card Authentication Work

Once turned on the card authentication, all future cards added to the client’s file will be charged a $0.50 pre-authorization charge before storing it on file. This charge will be dropped immediately after the card is authenticated.

1)When adding a card on file manually

You can see MoeGo Card on File for the process of adding a card on file. With the card authentication turned on, if the card is available to use, then you can see the card successfully added to the file and the card will show authenticated with a green tick on the client's file.

If the card does not pass the authentication, the card cannot be added to the file.

2) Cards added to the files in the past

For cards added to the files before turning on the card authentication, if there is no payment history, it will be shown as 'unauthenticated'. You can click on < Request Authentication > to authenticate the card manually.

3)Card Authentication experience of your clients

With the card authentication turned on, the card authentication process will automatically run when your client is trying to add a card during online booking. If the authentication is successful, your client can successfully add the card on file. Otherwise, a notification will pop up telling him or her that the card authentication failed.

3. Frequently asked questions

Q1.Who can use card Authentication?

MoeGo Card authentication is a MoeGo Pay exclusive feature. Once you set up MoeGo Pay, you're ready to go! See how to get started with MoeGoPay.

Q2.If I turn it on, does it automatically apply to all cards on files for all clients?

Once it’s turned on, all cards on file in the future will need to go through the card authentication process. However, you need to manually authorize the card added before and have no payment history. you can see 2.2 for details.

Q3. Will the customer know the card authentication process?

Yes, their card will be charged a $0.50 pre-authorization charge before storing it on file, but this charge will be dropped immediately after the card is authenticated.