Add an appointment manually, and you can customize its date, price, service, assigned staff, and ticket color

Three ways to create an appointment

1️⃣ Selected time - From the calendar

  1. Click on the <Appointment> section on the side menu
  2. Click on the open slots on the calendar
  3. Click <Add> to create a new appointment

2️⃣ Selected client - From the client detail

  1. Click on the <Clients & Pets> tab on the side menu
  2. Click on a client to enter the client detail page
  3. Hit <+ New Booking> button to create a new appointment for the client

3️⃣ Same as last time - From the appointment detail

  1. Click on an existing appointment and open an <Appointment detail> popup window
  2. Click the <Book again> button on the right side to book the exact same services as the selected appointment

Further reading:
Create repeat appointments
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Edit appointment details

Select a client

  • Search for a client by name
  • Add a new client

💡 You can refer to the following information by switching the tabs under the client: - Last/next appointment record - Pet detail - Client contact, payments, and notes

Select pets and services

  • Select a <pet>
  • Select a <service>
    💡 There will be a Last service mark for your reference
  • Select an <add-on>
  • Adjust the <Duration> and <Price> if needed
    💡 You can save the duration and price for the pet
  • Select the <Staff> for the service
    💡 You can select different staffs for each pet in one ticket
  • Add an additional pet for the multi-pet family by clicking the <+ Additional pet> button

Date & time

Adjust the date and start time of the appointment here:

💡 When there are conflicts with the existing appointment, there will be a conflict notice

💡 If the staff is not scheduled to work at the time, there will be a non-working time notice

Ticket color

Edit and select your own ticket color here:

Now you can customize showing the ticket color or service color on the calendar.