"Same as the last time!" You've probably heard this a thousand times!
In MoeGo, the "Book again" option is fully enhanced so you can create appointments faster and easier than ever.

💻 Desktop Web Version

Book Again from Calendar View

  1. Click on any appointment
  2. On the side panel, click on the top-right menu, and click < Book again >
  3. Edit the date and time as you need, and confirm your choices
  1. If the appointment is in finished status, you can directly click on the orange button < Book again > at the bottom right corner of the side panel.

Book Again from Appointment Details

  1. Click on a client profile, and go to the < Bookings > tab.
  2. Click on any booking, and find the < Book again > button on the Appointment detail page.
  3. It will redirect you to the calendar with side panel to proceed on editing date and time as you need.

Book Again on Edit Appointment Page

  1. Go to the < Appointment detail > page of any appointment
  2. Click on the top-right menu, and click on < Advanced edit >
  3. Click on < Book again > in 'Last appointment' section
  4. Check the scheduled time (It will show the current time instead of the last booking time)
  5. Double-check the pet and service selected
  6. Confirm < Save > to save the appointment


Book Again from Appointment Details

You can book again from both unpaid or finished appointments. Simply click on an appointment, on the < Appointment details > page, and click on < Book again >.

Book Again with Smart Scheduling

  1. On the < Appointment detail > page, click < Book Again >
  2. Click < Add >, then select < Smart scheduling >,
  3. Select a rebook frequency of your choice
  4. Select the staff, start date, and fill in your customer's preference. After you are done, you can click < Start smart scheduling >
  5. You will be able to view the rebooked appointment on the calendar view