You certainly have royal customers who visit you every month or every week. Within a few clicks, you can create a series of repeat appointments for them and avoid spending time creating too many individual appointments.

Set up repeat series

  1. Click the <Repeat> button when creating/editing an appointment
  2. You can set up:
    Repeat by Day / Week / Month
    Repeat every <customized> day, weeks, or months
    Ends after certain times, or ends on a certain date
  3. Click <Preview> to view all the repeat appointments
    You can click on <-> to remove the appointments that you don't intend to create.
    There is a "conflict" notification if the future appointment conflicts with an existing appointment or non-working hours
  4. Hit <Book now> to book all the repeat appointments
    There will be only one confirmation message sent for the new appointment
    The future appointments in this repeated series will not be notified, until xx days before the appointment if you have "unconfirmed appt reminder" set up.
Create repeat appointments
Review and book repeat appointments
  • Do not intend to set up repeat series, but just want to duplicate the appointment to multiple days? You can select  <Select multiple days> and pick specific dates for this client
Review and book appointments on selected days
  • Appointment with this green icon means this is an appointment in a "Repeat series".
Appointment with a repeat icon

  • For monthly repeat, you can even set up:
    Date of the month (ex: 1st of each month)
    Day of the week by month (ex: 1st Tuesday of each month)
Monthly repeat settings

Edit repeated appointments

  1. Click on an appointment in a repeating series (with the green icon)
  2. Click <Edit booking> and edit the appointment just like regular appointment editing
  3. Click  and then there will be three pop-up options:
    - Only this one
    - Apply to this and all following appointments
    - Apply to all appointments in this repeated series
  4. If you edit or cancel an appointment in a repeating series, the three options will show up as well.
Save update for repeat appointments

✅ What change can be applied to all appointments in the repeat series:

  • Time
  • Date
  • Pet
  • Staff
  • Service
  • Ticket color
  • Alert notes

⭕️ What change can only be applied to one appointment:

  • Ticket comments

Edit repeat settings

  1. Click on an appointment in a repeating series (with the green icon)
  2. Click <Edit booking>
  3. Click <Repeat>
  4. Edit repeat setting in the pop-up window
Edit repeat settings

✅ What can be edited:

  • Start time
  • End time
  • Remove existing repeat

🚫 What can NOT be edited:

  • Repeat type
  • Repeat every

Delete repeat appointments

Delete repeat settings will delete all future appointments within this repeat series appointment. It will NOT delete history appointments.
No worries, you will be presented with a list of appointments that are going to be deleted.

  1. Enter the <Recurring> page to check the repeat series
  2. Click the <Delete repeat series> button
  3. Review the list and hit <Confirm and delete> to delete the repeat series