Manage customer attendance by sending them confirmation reminders and edit appointment status


You can confirm an appointment automatically or manually

1️⃣ Automatically:

  1. Go to <Setting>
  2. Click <Auto message>
  3. Edit unconfirmed appt reminder (1st and 2nd) to include <Reply Y Confirm> tag
  4. If the customer replies with a "Y", the appointment status will automatically be changed to "confirmed"

Further reading: Detailed explanation on unconfirmed appt reminder

Edit auto message template
Reply "Y" to confirm the appointment 

2️⃣ Manually:

  1. Go to <Appointment> and click on an unconfirmed appointment
  2. Click the drop-down menu and choose <confirmed>. Undo it by choosing <unconfirmed>
Manually mark the appointment as "confirmed"

Check-in & out


  1. Go to <Appointment> and click on an appointment that is not checked-in yet
  2. Enter an <Appointment detail> popup window
  3. Click the green <Check in> button to check in the appointment
    Click the blue <Undo> icon to undo the check in

💡 Check in will automatically confirm the appointment

Check in

Check out

After checking in, click the blue <Check out> button to check out the appointment

💡 Checking out will mark the appointment as finished.

Check out

View and edit check-in & out time on invoice

View and edit check-in & out time on invoice

Ready for pickup

Sending ready for pick-up message

After checking in, when the appointment is ready and you want to notify the pet parents to pick them up, you can turn the appointment status into 'Ready’ and automatically send pickup notifications.

  1. Click on < Confirm >, and select < Ready >.
  2. Tick the < Also send ready for pickup message >box.
  3. You can choose to send the ready-to-pickup message by SMS or Email.
  4. Click < Confirm >

The Status of the appointment will be shown as Ready in the calendar view.

Set message receive method

If the message-sending options didn't pop up, please go to the client profile and check your settings in Client details > Receive auto message > Receive auto email/message. By turning on these settings, you are able to send ready to pickup message to the pet parents through email or SMS.

Set primary number for message

If the clients have more than one number on file. Go to Client's profile > Client details > Primary number for message. The ready to pick-up message will be sent to the primary number.

Undo the Ready Status

Click the blue <Undo> icon to undo the Ready status change.

💡 By clicking the blue <Undo> icon The status will be reversed, but the sent message will not be retrieved.

Cancel an appointment

  1. Go to <Appointments> and click on an appointment
  2. In the Appointment detail page, click <cancel>
  3. You can mark a cancel as <no-show>
Cancel an appointment