Worrying about customer no-shows? You can charge the no-show fee through MoeGo and protect yourself from losses.

Charge no-show fee

  1. Go to Client profile > Bookings
  2. For a canceled appointment, click the icon beside it
  3. Choose <Charge no-show fee>
  4. Type in the no-show fee amount, hit <Charge>, and finish the following take payment process

Three ways to get signature and credit card info from clients

There are several to send a cancelation policy to clients so they can sign it and provide credit card info.

1️⃣  Send through online booking

During online booking, you can ask clients to provide credit card info and sign your cancellation policy.

Check here for details.

2️⃣ Send through intake form

Just like online booking, you can also include a cancellation policy in your intake form.

Check here for details.

3️⃣ Gather credit card info manually

You may also get clients' credit card info manually and save them to clients' profiles.

Clients & pets > go into your client's profile > Credit cards > +Add card > Fill up card info > Add

Once you have collected their card detail and sign up for an agreement include a no-show and cancellation policy, you will be able to charge them when they are no-shows.

Check here for the agreement sign detail.

Mark as no-show

You can mark a client as a no-show when canceling an appointment. There are two ways to mark an appointment as a no-show:

1️⃣ Mark no-show when canceling the appointment

  1. Go to an Appointment detail popup
  2. Switch the status to <Cancelled>
  3. Select the <Mark as no-show> check box
  4. Hit <Yes>

2️⃣ Mark no-show under the client profile

  1. Go to Client profile > Bookings
  2. If an appointment is canceled, click the icon beside it
  3. Choose the <Mark as no-show> or <Mark as no-show and charge no-show fee> option