Why block time?

  • To highlight the time that you cannot provide service
  • Let your team member know that you cannot provide service during that period of time
  • You can even use MoeGo calendar for your personal stuff. Like block for "lunch break"
  • Blocked time will not be available for online booking

How to block time

  1. Go to <Appointments>
  2. Click the time that you want to create a block on the calendar
  3. Click <Block> on the popup
  4. Adjust the <Duration time>, type in the <Description> and select a <Color code> for the block
  5. Hit <Save>

Create a Full day block

  1. Turn on the <Full day> option in a Block time window
  2. The block time will become a full day block

Create a repeat block

  1. Turn on the <Repeat> option when creating a block
  2. Adjust the repeat rules for the block and click <Save>
  3. Repeated blocks will have a green icon

Edit block

  1. Click on a block
  2. Edit its date, time, description, and color. (change one block in a repeating series will not affect other blocks)
  3. You can also click on a block and drag it to change its date and time
Dragging the block

Delete block

  1. Click on a block and open the clock time popup.
  2. Click <delete>
  3. If this block belongs to a repeating series, three options will be offered to you when hit <delete>:
    -Only this one
    -Apply to this and all following blocks
    -Apply to all blocks in this repeat series