We're excited to announce a new feature that makes scheduling appointments incredibly easier and faster than ever before. A revolutionary way to book your recurring clients!


Booking recurring clients now can be faster and easier than ever before. With MoeGo Smart Schedule for Repeat Appointment, with just 1 click, you can have all future recurring appointments set in a place with no conflict, and even better, with minimum driving distance considered.

Setting up recurring appointments for regular clients can be very complicated, especially for mobile groomers, the 2-weekers, 4-weekers, and 6-weekers, they overlap on future dates.

With the traditional repeat setting, it creates all future appointments on the same date and time. You have to manually fix the conflicts, and not even to mention, for mobile groomers, you have to reroute to ensure you are not driving all over the place. It’s extremely complicated, time-consuming, and stressful.

MoeGo Smart Schedule for Repeat Appointment helps you auto-select the closest available date to avoid conflict with minimal driving.

See how it works:

  1. Select client frequency
  2. Set up # of repeats
  3. Set up “closest available date” (how flexible your clients can be)

Woohoo! All appointments are magically placed in the right time slots without conflict and with minimal driving distance.

‌‌Use cases

If most of your regulars are flexible as long as they stay on the right frequency, MoeGo Smart Schedule for Repeat Appointments will be your best help!

What they say

“This is amazing. What we do currently is we book clients out for the year, and every week we have to route each week before notifications go out. This is amazing and so much better, my employees will be so happy!”

“It was a pain having to go on a schedule each conflicted appointment manually with my last software.”

“Most of my regulars are flexible. Having repeat appointments on the same day and time complicates things. This feature would be AMAZING and would make things so much easier. They don’t care what day I come. They care about the frequency.”


1. Is this feature for mobile grooming and grooming salon?

Yes! For mobile grooming, it helps you avoid conflict and consider the minimum driving distance.

For salon scheduling, it helps you auto avoid conflict.

2. Can I change the time if I don’t prefer the suggested result?

Sure! On the result page, you can click on every appointment to view them on the calendar (and map view). You can manually move them if needed. You can preview all appointments before creating them.

3. What does “closest available date” mean?

It means how flexible your clients can be. The appointment may fall on the most suitable slot in the range you set. For example, for 4 weekers on Wednesday, as long as it’s the same frequency, the appointment day can be Tuesday or Thursday if you have set the availability 1 day or after.

4. I see “conflict” on the result page, is it not working?

If you see “conflict” on the result page, it means there is no available slot within the “closest available dates”, you can go to the previous screen to increase the flexible days.

How to get started

To try the feature, please go to the mobile app and create a repeat with smart scheduling, and follow the instructions there.

If you are not a MoeGo user yet, feel free to start a trial or reach out to our live support with us to find out if we might be a good fit. MoeGo team is always here 24/7 for you.