One of the BIG changes from MoeGo1.0 to MoeGo2.0!

You can now charge with different payment methods, or take a deposit in one ticket.

💡 You don't have to check out first before making payment. The appointment flow and payment flow are now independent!

Partial paid tag

Take partial payment with different payment methods

  1. Go to <Appointments> on the side menu bar
  2. Click on the appointment that needs to take payments and open the appointment details page
  3. Click on <Take payment> button
  4. Modify <Payment amount>
  5. Select a <Payment method>
  6. Click on <Take payment>
  • You can divide the payment as many times as you need!
  • The receipt will record all the transactions:
  • After the payment finish, the appointment will have a "Fully paid" tag at the calendar view.