We have a list of default pet grooming services, but feel free to modify, and add as many services as you need.

Find the service section

  1. Go to <Setting>
  2. Click on <Services>
  3. Choose <Services> or <add-ons>. Under both sections, you can add new ones or edit current ones

Add new services

  1. Service name
  2. Category
  3. Description: This will show on the customer side when they book online
  4. Status: Active / Inactive. Once marked as inactive, it will not show on the default service menu.
  5. Color code: Service by color code can show on the appointment card
  6. Price & Tax & Duration
  7. Customized settings: Type & Breed & Weight & Coat

Edit category

A category is a group that services belong to.

  1. Click <Edit category>
  2. <Add> a new category, <edit> an existing category, or drag the <hamburger icon> to re-arrange the list

Edit existing services

  1. Click on the <edit> button on the right of a service
  2. Edit its name, category, duration, price, etc.
  3. You can also click on the <hamburger icon> and then drag the service to change its order.