Pet Parent Portal Walk Through and Q&A Video

What is the Pet Parent Portal?

The Pet Parent Portal is for your customers to access all of their pet's information and appointments. It gives them the ability to have a self-serve experience.

In the portal, clients will be able to view and manage their appointments, including booking, rescheduling, or canceling those that have not yet been confirmed by the business. They will also be able to see their upcoming and history appointments with businesses that they have visited.

How to invite your customers to the Pet Parent Portal

Clients can access the Pet Parent Portal by using the invitation link provided by businesses. The link is unique for each client.

To invite your customers to the Pet Parent Portal do the following:

  1. Log into your MoeGo App or Desktop.
  2. Go to the message center (you can mass text or individually invite)
  3. Click on "Pet Parent Portal Invite Link"

Once the pet parent registers with the same email they use to online book, all of their information will be in their account.


How to access the Pet Parent Portal

Once registered through the invitation link, pet parents will be able to log into the pet parent portal with the link - and can use their email and password.

What can Pet Parents do in the Pet Parent Portal?

  1. Book an appointment
  2. Check the status of appointments
  3. View past appointments

Why did we build it?

For client

  • Clients can view their appointments in a self-service way using the Pet Parent Portal.

For business

  • Provide the solution to sync information between businesses and clients. Pet Parent Portal helps streamline the appointment process and makes it easier for the business to keep track of customers' updates.
  • Clients can view their upcoming appointments and history appointments and can book again effortlessly with selected pets and services and groomers through Pet Parent Portal
  • Clients can log in Pet Parent Portal with their email and password. They don’t have to verify again if they access the online booking page via Pet Parent Portal.

How To


Existing Pet Parent Portal users can log in to their account by entering their email and password at (We suggest don’t share this link to clients directly. This link is for login only at this moment)

Book online

If the businesses that link to the Pet Parent Portal account enable online booking, clients can book a new appointment or book an existing appointment again via online booking.

View upcoming appointments and history appointment

Check upcoming and past appointment list

Frequently asked questions

Q: Where does the data of the Pet Parent Portal come from?

The data in the Pet Parent Portal comes from the MoeGo businesses that have clients who have the same phone number as the Pet Parent Portal account. The default client and pet info in the Pet Parent Portal are synced from the business that sent the link.

Q: What business info will show in my Pet Parent Portal?

The Pet Parent Portal will show the information of the businesses which have been linked to this Pet Parent Portal account.

Client info:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Contact number
  • Email
  • Appointment info:

Appointment info:

  • Pets’ name
  • Services /add-ons included in the appointment
  • The groomer’s name
  • The amount of prepayment or deposit they paid through Online Booking

Q: Why some appointment detail didn’t show payment info?

The payment info in the appointment detail only displays the Online Booking prepayment info. The payment status and complete payment information will be added in the next step.

Q: Can pet parent app clients use this new Pet Parent Portal?

Yes, we had fully migrated the pet parent user data to the new Pet Parent Portal.

They can log in with their Email and password.

Q: Do we have an app for Pet Parent Portal

There is only a web version now. There will be a client APP in a few months.