MoeGo Intake Form is a tool for you to gather information from potential new clients. You can fill it up in person, text or email the intake form link to your customer also. Here is a guide on how can customer submit the forms and how to organize received forms.

For intake form set up, please click here

How to use the intake form?

  1. Go to intake form > setting > share link, and send the link to your customer
Get the intake form link

2.   Customer fill-in the form and click <submit>

Customer fill-in the form

How to receive and book?

  1. Go to <Intake form> on the side-menu
  2. Click on <Received submission>. You will see a list of submitted intake forms
  3. Click on the received intake form you want, customer info will pop up
  4. For new customers, click on <Create profile>, a new profile will be saved for both pet and pet owner

*Merge and override

For existing customers (with the same phone number and email), click on <Check existing profile>, and then click <Merge>. The merge option will appear if the intake form has the same email address/phone number as an existing client.

5.  After adding a new profile/merge, click on <Add to waitlist>, the profile will appear on the appointment page's waitlist section

Add to waitlist

6.   Go to Appointments > Waitlist. Click on <Waitlist>, a detailed window will pop up showing all waitlisted clients

7.   Click on <Book now> to book it instantly or click <Edit> to update info,

check waitlist

Filter and notification

Filter your intake forms

Filter intake forms

Intake form notification

Once someone submits an intake form, a notification will appear on the <bell icon> on the top right

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