• Flying fast interactions
  • Less frustrating loading popup
  • More reliable and user-friendly smart scheduling feature
  • More flexible staff selection on daily view and select time view
  • Better performance on list sliding, page navigating and message typing
  • Made transition of different pages on calendar view smoother


  1. Customize what to show on the appointment card
  2. Option to only show pet name on the appointment card, not client name
  3. Option to show service name on the appointment card
  4. Option to show address on the appointment card
  5. Option to use service color as appointment color
  6. Option to zoom in calendar view size
  7. Option to set up calendar start and end time
  8. Added multiple staff view, any staff combination is available, not simply "all staff", so you can drag and drop to change staff and date at the same time
  9. Added multiple staff in the same ticket
  10. Added pet code displayed on appointment card
  11. Added payment status
  12. Added pet name and breed on the map view card
  13. Added "Check in" status on appointment card
  14. Added "Today" button in monthly view and weekly view
  15. Added drag & drop for repeat blocks
  16. Improved calendar card drag and drop interaction
  17. Improved alert notes view on map view card
  18. Improved block card UI and style
  19. Improved calendar view on iPad and tablet landscape mode
  20. Improved weekly view with rapid response and flexible date selection

Grooming ticket

  1. Added "green dot" availability indicator when you create a new appointment
  2. Added "edit conflict" on calendar view when you create a new appointment
  3. Added preview and edit conflict appts on recurring appointment
  4. Added book again button to quick book same appointment as last time
  5. Added select multiple days for a same ticket (but not in repeat series)
  6. Added agreement reminder popup setting for multiple agreements
  7. Added auto message popup setting
  8. Added subtotal of price, subtotal without tips and tax on the invoice
  9. Improved upcoming appointment list with more info including pets, services, prices, status

Smart scheduling

  1. Added availability indicator "green dot" for the full month, so you don't have to click and search one by one
  2. Less clicking and waiting, a one-key smart scheduling solution is
  3. Added smart scheduling with "all staff" option
  4. Added smart scheduling with "select start date" option

Route optimization

  1. The start and end location can be auto saved for the next route optimization


  1. Receive message instantly while you are in the chat room with the customer
  2. Added close chat, so you can clean up the chat list
  3. Added star mark chat, so you can prioritize the important chat
  4. Added mark unread/read, so your team can sync up
  5. Added mass text with filters, tags
  6. Added book now button right within the chat


  1. All-in-one payment solutions with: charge card on file, text a link to pay online, scan QR code to pay,
  2. Added deposit feature
  3. Added partial payment with different payment methods
  4. Added customized payment methods
  5. Added Stripe dashboard with full transaction and payout history
  6. Added Square integration (pay online, Terminal, Reader etc) - we are official partner.

Client & pet

  1. New client list with client summary card overlay
  2. New client dashboard with summary
  3. Added pet codes


  1. Added full customization of staff role & permissions
  2. Added staff access of message center within 7 days
  3. Added staff notification settings
  4. Option to add customized staff role
  5. Option to set up permissions for each role
  6. Option to set up staff role

Digital agreement

  1. Added require multiple agreements for each appointment
  2. Added agreement sent but not signed tracker
  3. Added “require agreement“ on intake form setting
  4. Added sign once / or sign every booking option
  5. Added when you edit the agreement, you can set up to require customer to sign again (for example, you change the agreement each year)


  1. Added 3 types appointment reminder before the appointment
  2. Improved rebook reminder
  3. Improved repeat expiry reminder
  4. Added ready for pick up message customization

Online booking & intake form

  1. Added weight limit setting
  2. Added “auto accept every booking request” option
  3. Added “only show next 1 available each day each staff” option
  4. Added time slot format with arrival window
  5. Added email customization for booking request submitted, accepted, declined
  6. Added multiple agreements options for booking request
  7. Added multiple choices selection for online booking questions
  8. Added multiple choices selection for intake form questions
  9. Added "merge contact" for intake form submission


  1. Streamlined notification settings
  2. Updated daily summary email
  3. Added controls of notifications per staff role

MoeGo Lab

  1. Map view auto resize
  2. Map view one card per scroll
  3. Global flexible font size