Route Optimization is a useful tool for mobile grooming businesses. Based on the fastest driving time and shortest driving distance, MoeGo App Route Optimization could help you optimize the route for your upcoming appointments!

How to optimize

Open your MoeGo App, go to the day that you want to optimize the route,

  1. From the Map View, choose the staff on-call from the top right.
  2. Click the magic stick icon on the bottom right, the < Optimize > button
  3. Pick a < Start point > and an < End point > of your grooming journey
  4. Click < Next >, the optimized appointment will show up
  5. Click < Save >, the optimized appointment will be saved and rearranged

Note: The Route Optimization feature will optimize and rearrange the appointment list by having the fastest and shortest grooming route.

Edit/adjust appointment time

If you want to adjust your appointments from the optimization result, for instance, add some buffer time between appointments. Before saving the rearranged result:

  1. Click on <Edit>
  2. Drag and drop each appointment to adjust the appointment time.

Mobile version

Here is a video guide for Route Optimization: