The MoeGo Care Program is ideal for new businesses who want to get started and thrive with MoeGo. It offers an annual contract with up to 6-month 50% off on the Growth plan. If your application is approved, you will be offered an annual contract to sign and a unique code to redeem this special offer.

This article will cover
1. What it offers
2. Who is eligible
3. How to apply
4. FAQ

The MoeGo Care Program Special Offer includes

  • 50% off for up to the first 6 months in an annual contract on the Growth plan
  • 10% off for MoeGo Pay bundle kit hardware to build your in-person checkout
  • MoeGo Care Academy with new business guidance and resources
  • Account review service from the dedicated account manager

Who is eligible

  • New Businesses - less than 6 months in business
  • New Users - non-MoeGo paid plan users

P.S. This special offer applies to US, CA, UK, and AU users only.

How to apply

If you’re eligible for the program, please go to our website and fill out the MoeGo Care Program Application Form. We’ll ask you to provide the following:

  • Basic info about your business
  • Documents confirming your business opening year and month

The application will be reviewed as soon as we can. You’ll be notified via email once it’s approved or declined with a reason. You can then follow the instructions to sign the contract and redeem the special offer.


Q: Which plan does it apply to?

It applies to the Growth Plan only, which provides essential features to start your business, build up clientele, boost revenue, and scale operations.

Q: How to redeem the special offer after my application is approved?

After receiving your unique link via email or from your AE, you’ll be prompted to either log into your account or sign up if you don’t have one yet. The next step is to sign the annual contract and place an order for your subscription and MoeGo Pay hardware - discount codes will be automatically applied.

This link supports web browsers on a desktop/tablet and mobile phones during the redemption process.

Q: Is the subscription charged monthly or annually?

Monthly. We know the challenges that a new business faces at an early stage, so MoeGo will charge the subscription monthly and help you get through the first year.

Q: Will my annual contract renew after the initial year?

The annual contract will only be effective for 12 months from the date you sign it. After the initial year, your subscription will be auto renewed monthly unless the service is canceled.


The following Terms and Conditions apply to this MoeGo Care Program offer.

Applicable Plan. This discount only applies to purchases of MoeGo’s Growth Plan set forth on MoeGo’s Website. MoeGo provides upgrades to the Licensed Materials (including software) from time to time in its sole discretion to provide new features and improvements, bug fixes, and error corrections which will be available with subsequent releases. If you change to another plan (Starter Plan or Ultimate Plan) during the Discount Period, the subscription discount will be invalid from the next billing cycle automatically.

Minimum Commitment Period. By redeeming this offer, you agree that the minimum commitment period is twelve (12) months. It refers to the minimum duration of the subscription before you can cancel the service. It includes the Discount Period and the After Discount Period.

Discount Period. The 50% discount will apply only for up to the first 6 months of your purchase (depending on your contract) and is billed monthly.

After Discount Period. You’ll subscribe to MoeGo’s Growth Plan at the standard full price.

After Minimum Commitment Period. MoeGo’s then-current standard pricing set forth on MoeGo’s Pricing Page will automatically apply to any renewals of your MoeGo paid plan until your subscription is terminated pursuant to the terms and conditions in the Customer Agreement.

Limitations. This offer is available only to those who meet the eligibility requirements. Each offer code is non-transferable and may be used one time only by its original recipient to redeem the offer by 30 days after receiving it, after which the offer may be discontinued. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offer (i.e. referral). Once the offer is redeemed, the discounted subscription fee and MoeGo Pay hardware are not refundable.

Early Termination. If user is to terminate the contract by either canceling or downgrading the service before the Minimum Commitment Period, an early termination fee will be charged. The early termination fee will be the remaining amount of the total contract value.

Exclusivity. The integrated card processing is supported by MoeGo Pay exclusively.