Send a mass text to a group of your customers. You can use it to announce price changes, activate nonrecurring customers, or send to customers who haven't signed a digital agreement, or vaccination is expired, etc.

The mass text is NOT a group text, the message will be sent to each customer privately.

How to send mass text

  1. Go to <Message> on the side menu bar
  2. Click the <Send mass text> button on the top-left corner
    Here you can view all the mass texts you have sent
  3. Hit the <New mass text> button on the top-right corner
  4. Select the clients that you would like to send to
  5. Hit <Next> on the top-right corner
  6. Write the message content in the text box, then hit <Send> to send out the mass text

Filter the recipients by tags

  • VIP clients
  • By service frequency
  • By inactive clients
  • Customers who haven't signed the agreement
  • Vaccination is expired
  • ... ...