Send invoices to your clients through text message and they can pay you by simply clicking on the text message.

Enable credit card payment

  1. Go to <Card processing > on the side menu bar
  2. Set up Square and/or Stripe integration under <Card processing>
    Stripe: make sure you have set up your linked bank account to receive the payouts
    Square: the integration is through your own Square account

3. Select a primary credit card processor under Preference

4. Enable taking payment by credit card by turn on the <toggle>
Setting > Payment > Credit card (Integrated Processor)

How to send an online invoice for client to pay

  1. Go to <Appointments> on the side menu bar
  2. Click on the appointment on your calendar
  3. Click on <Take payment>
  4. Select <send an invoice to pay online> as the payment method
  5. Make this appointment as "finished" and then send the online invoice to clients through text

Customer view:

Clients receive the text message and pay online

Customer view - pay online

The payment status on your ticket