2-way sync in real-time, bring your personal and business appointments altogether. Making it easier to track your professional and personal agenda in one place!

Why it is useful?

  • Schedule all in one place
  • support two-way or one-way sync
  • Automatic real-time sync between MoeGo and Google Calendar, whether you:
    • Create, edit, delete your appointments in MoeGo
    • Create, edit, delete your events in Google Calendar
  • No need for IT support

How to authorize and link?

  1. Setting > Calendar sync > + Link Google Calendar

2.  New window will pop up, click <Sign in with Google>

3.  Choose the Google account you would like to link

4.  Tick the box to authorize, then click the <Continue> button

5.  Select the staffs you would like to sync with Google Calendar, click <Continue>

Note: It will only show the name of the active and show on calendar staff. For the "show on calendar setting", go to Setting > Staff > Pick one of your staff > Roll down and find the "Control" section.

6. Select the way you want to sync.

Export: The MoeGo appointments and blocks from the past 3 months to the next 2 years will be exported to the Google Calendar

Import: The events created on these Google Calendars from the past 3 months to the next 2 years will be imported to MoeGo as blocks

7. Click <Start>, and go back to the MoeGo web page.

8. Once you go back to MoeGo web page, you can see the synced staff calendar. If you would like to add or delete the sync of your staff calendar, you can simply click <Edit>

Synced staff calendars are MoeGo Staff Calendars that are synced to appear on a created Google Calendar.

Note: Only the staff who were selected as "Sho on calendar" will be available for Google Calendar sync. You can go to Setting > Staff > Pick one of your staff > Control > Show on calendar, and turn on the toggle to activate.

9. Check with the Google Calendar

Note: Once the integration has been done, several calendars starting with "MoeGo-xxx" will be created. Only changes are made from these calendars will sync to MoeGo.

How to sync?

Edit in MoeGo

  1. Just simply add an appointment in MoeGo Calendar view
Appointment at Oct 21st, Thursday, for Sophia Murphy, 10:00-11:00 am

2. Simply checking in Google Calendar, it will sync automatically

Appointment at Oct 21st, Thursday, 10:00-11:00 am, in red for Sophia Murphy

All the basic info will be shown on Google Calendar

Note: Please make changes to this appointment in the MoeGo calendar. Any changes made here will be overwritten during the next sync. Ticket comments, pet code, and any notes will only be seen in MoeGo.

Edit in Google Calendar

  1. Add an event or a task in Google Calendar
A lunch break for Sophia Murphy, Oct 21st, 11:30-12:30 pm

2. A block will automatically sync to MoeGo

A lunch break block for Sophia Murphy, Oct 21st, 11:30-12:30 pm

Note: Add, edit, or delete the schedules in whether MoeGo and Google Calendar, will automatically sync to the other. Whether you are adding a task or event in Google Calendar, a block will be created automatically in MoeGo.

How to disconnect?

Setting > Calendar sync > Disconnect > Delete

Once disconnected, the staff calendar will be removed from your Google Calendar.
All the calendars that begin with "MoeGo-xxx" will disappear 


You can go to the <Role setting> and control the authority of accessing the Google Calendar.

Setting > Staff > Pick one of the staff > Role setting > Powerful tool

Once the toggle is turned off, the calendar sync entrance will be hidden.

Frequently asked questions

  • Will my repeat appointments sync from Google Calendar to MoeGo?

We will try our best to update this feature in the near future. We suggest using repeat appointments in MoeGo.

  • Once the staff has been deleted, will he/she see my appointment in Google Calendar?

No. Once the staff has been deleted, the calendar will be deleted in Google as well.

  • I don't want my staff to see my clients' contact info, will my staff see it when they integrate Google Calendar with MoeGo?

Once you turn off the authority of clients' info for your staff, they will not be able to see it after the Google Calendar integration.

  • Why not all of my staffs' appointments are synced to Google Calendar?

It will only sync the "Show on calendar" staff. Also, once you add more staff after the Google Calendar sync, you will need to add it in the Calendar sync setting manually.

  • Will it sync all of my appointments between MoeGo and Google Calendar?

Once you finish the Google Calendar sync, it will automatically sync the appointments within the past 3 months and the future 2 years. As time pass, the existing appointment will not disappear and the calendar will constantly sync the upcoming 2 years appointments.