MoeGo online booking enables you to customize your own booking questions for pets and for pet owners.

How to access booking questions

  1. Go to <Online booking> on the side menu
  2. Click <Setting>
  3. Click <Booking questions>
Online booking questions

Customize questions for pet owners

  1. Click <Add question > to add a new question.

There are five types of questions:

  • Short text answer
  • Long text answer
  • Drop down
  • Radio buttons
  • Check boxes

2. Click <preview> to see what your questions will look like on the actual online booking form.

3. Click <edit icon> to edit an existing question or click <delete icon> to delete. Please note you can't edit or delete a default question.

4. Click <hamburger icon> and drag it to change the order of a question. Change order of questions on this page will also change orders in an actual online booking form.

Pet owner questions

Customize questions for pets

Add/edit pets question is exactly the same as add/edit pet owern questions.

Pet questions

Example 1:

If you want to get a pet image when a customer submits a booking, click the <box> next to pet image  

pet image

Example 2:

If you want to get a pet's vaccine info when a customer submits a booking, click the <box> next to  vaccine

pet vaccine

💡This is where your questions show on your client booking page.

Where is the information saved

  1. The system default questions for the pet owners and pets will be saved to each field accordingly. For example, the name, email, image, vaccine, behavior, etc.
  2. Your customized questions will be saved as "Notes" in the client profile. The customized questions for pet owners will be saved <Client note>; the customized questions for pets will be saved to <Pet note>
client note
pet note

Feel free to try it out yourself from our booking demo page

One of our partner's intake form, we think the questions should be an inspiration for you