Appointments by employees with revenue, tips, taxes, discounts, within the selected period of time.

Employee sales report

  1. Go to <Report> on the side-menu
  2. Click <Reports> tab on the top menu
  3. Click <Sales> tab on the side-menu
  4. Choose <Sales by employee>
  5. Choose the duration you want to know and click <Run report>

Export the data document

*You can check expected revenue (with tops, tax) to see how much your business has earned during this time.

Dashboard view

A better way to check the sales data of each employee!

  1. Go to <Report> on the side-menu
  2. Click the <Dashboard> section on the top-left corner
  3. Roll down the page and check the "Employee Overview" section

Note: If there are multiple staff on the same ticket, the amount of the tips will be distributed by the service provided.