MoeGo is tailored for the pet grooming business, while QuickBooks is the world's leading accounting software. We offer integration with QuickBooks!

Your data in MoeGo will be seamlessly synced to your Quickbooks account. This integration simplifies your grooming business's accounting process.

Let's get started!

Where to find QuickBooks sync MoeGo

Go to Settings > More > Quickbooks sync

*only available for the desktop now

How to connect QuickBooks to MoeGo

  1. Click <Connect to QuickBooks>
  2. Follow QuickBooks' instructions: Sign in > Connect > Activate

*For the first time to sync up Quickbooks, please expect up to 48 hours to have the data transferred.


How to edit QuickBooks sync settings

You can decide when and how your data should be synced.

  1. Synced start time: to decide the start date of appointments to be synced. None of the data before this date will be synced. The start date can be up to 3 years from now.
  2. Edit Synced Quickbooks account: to decide the destination account to be synced. Once selected, you cannot change the account unless you turn off the sync and re-connect.

*One MoeGo business can be synced to only one Quickbooks account. If you have multiple businesses, please make sure that your businesses are synced to different accounts.

How to check the connection status

Click the <toggle> to turn on or off auto QuickBooks sync based on your needs.

  1. Connected: If turned on, your data will always be synced to QuickBooks.
  2. Disconnected: Once turned off, the data sync process will be paused. So it will not send invoices and receipts to the QuickBooks account from MoeGo.

*The data synced before will not be deleted even if disconnected. To avoid unexpected interruptions, turning it off regularly is not recommended.

How MoeGo data is synced to QuickBooks

Only the data on the paid appointment in MoeGo will be synced to Quickbooks. Here is when and how different data will be synced:

  1. Clients data: Only clients with finished and paid appointments will be synced to Quickbooks. Once a client is synced, future changes in MoeGo will not override the data in Quickbooks.
  2. Invoice data: Once an appointment is paid, its invoice details will be synced to QuickBooks within 24 hours. Subsequently, any future changes made in MoeGo will be synced every 24 hours.
  3. Payments data: Once an appointment is paid, its payment details will be synced to QuickBooks within 24 hours. Subsequently, any future changes made in MoeGo will be synced every 24 hours.

How the invoice looks in Quickbooks

  1. The Payment status, invoice ID, and item details will all be synced with Quickbooks. You can click <View invoice in Quickbooks> on the MoeGo invoice to jump to Quickbooks to check.

2.  Tax, tips, and processing fees will show as attached. The paid amount on the invoice will be balanced.

3.  The retail items that are sold with a grooming ticket will be shown together with grooming service. Retails items that sold individually will be synced to an independent invoice.

Frequently asked questions:

Why are there duplicate invoices for the same appointment?

If you use other software that also syncs data to Quickbooks, there will be duplicate invoices for the same tickets.

How come there are duplicate client profiles in Quickbooks?

MoeGo sync to Quickbooks will duplicate clients if the clients exist before sync, you can either delete or merge your Quickbooks customers.

How to print receipts from Quickbooks?

Here is the tutorial for your reference.

If you have any further questions on Quickbooks sync, feel free to reach out to us in Support chats. Our customer service team will be there 24/7.