There are 2 types of payment methods

  1. Customized payment methods
  • Types including cash, check, Venmo, PayPal, Chase etc
  • The customized payment methods are for record purpose only
  • You can add/delete customized payment methods as you need

2. Credit card (integrated processor)

  • It will process credit card charge within MoeGo software
  • We have now integrated with Stripe & Square.

Customized payment methods

  1. Click <Setting> on the left menu bar
  2. Click <Payment>
  3. Click <Add new payment method>
  4. Don't forget to turn on the <toggle> on the left to a payment method to enable it

Add customized payment methods

Turn on/off, and sort your payment methods

  1. Click <toggle> to turn on a payment method. Only turned-on methods will show up when taking payments.
  2. Click the <hamburger icon> and sort them into the order as you want them to present
  3. After setting up, you will see them in order as you manage
Sort your payment methods

Credit card (integrated processor)

Fully integrated within the MoeGo system, you can take credit card charge and run report within MoeGo, without switching to other apps.

For credit card integration instruction, please click here