Whenever a customer books you through our online booking system, you can always receive a notification and never miss any booking. (You will receive the same notification if a customer submits an intake form)

How to set up online booking notifications

  1. Click on the <Online booking> icon on the left side menu
  2. Go to <Setting> - <Notification>
  3. Select message type (email and/or text) for yourself and your customers
  4. Customize text and email templates

Set up notifications for the following circumstances:

  • When clients submit a booking request
  • When an appointment is accepted
  • When the appointment was auto moved to the waitlist
  • When the appointment was declined

Check notifications on desktop

  1. Open MoeGo
  2. Click the <bell icon> on the top menu bar
  3. A list of notifications will show up
  4. Click one to read the details.

Check notifications on MoeGo App

  1. Open MoeGo App
  2. Click <Notification> on the top menu bar
  3. New Notification will have a red dot by the notification type
  4. Click on the notification type, and a new notification will have a red dot on the window.
  5. Click on the notification window to view details.