I am a current MoeGo customer on a paid plan. How will these new plans affect me?

We will grandfather all MoeGo customers to their plans starting Oct 1st, including price and features. You will keep your current plan and pricing.

What does it mean if my plan is grandfathered?

This means you will get to keep your plan, including its price and features, even after the previous plans sunset on Oct 1st, as long as your plan is still active on Oct 1st. This applies to all the previous plans: Beginner, Rising Star, and Business Elite.

How do I find out what plan I am in?

When you are logged into your MoeGo account, you can go to My Account on the top right -> Scroll down to Subscription -> Current plan

Can I upgrade or downgrade plans before Oct 1st?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade plans anytime before Oct 1st. After that, these plans will be sunsetted, and the new plans will officially launch. Whichever plan you have on Oct 1st will be grandfathered in.

After October 1st, can grandfathered users switch to a different previous plan?

After October 1st 2022, all previous plans will be sunsetted. Grandfathered plan users can’t change to any of the previous plans. Beginner plan users can’t upgrade to the Rising Star or Business Elite plan. Likewise, Rising Star and Elite Business users can’t downgrade to the Beginner plan.

After October 1st, can grandfathered users switch to the new pricing plan?

  • Yes. Grandfathered users can switch to any of the new plans at any time starting Oct 1st.

How do I maintain my grandfathered plan?

You can always keep your grandfathered plan unless:

  • You have canceled your plan, and your subscription is no longer active
  • You have switched to one of our new plans

How can I get a grandfathered plan?

  • Users who have an active paid plan before Oct 1st PST will have their plan grandfathered in.

If I have a grandfathered plan, can I use newly released features?

  • You will be able to access improvements on features included in your plan. For any brand new product features, we will be sure to let you know in advance which plan they’ll be in.