You can now filter the Card on file (COF) status in your Client & pets list and create auto reminders in Settings. This new feature allows you to efficiently manage and filter COF information, card credit status, and request status from multiple dimensions. Adding this filter enhances customer data management, allowing for a more streamlined and effective approach to financial data handling in the MoeGo platform.

Key Highlights

  • Filter and Manage Clients with and without COF: Businesses can now easily distinguish between clients who have or have not saved card information.
  • Manage Card Status: Users can filter cards based on their status, such as non-expired, expiring soon, or expired.
  • Manage COF Requests: Filter and track the status of your COF requests, whether submitted by clients or pending after being sent.

Card on File Filters & Controls

Go to Client & Pets > All Filters, you can find the following filters:

  • Has Card on File
    • Yes: Filters all clients with saved COFs.
    • No: Filters clients without a saved card on file.
  • Card on File Status
    • Not expired: Filters cards that are still valid.
    • Expiring in: Allows users to set a timeframe to filter cards nearing expiration.
    • Expired: Filters cards that have already expired.
  • Card on File Request Filter
    • Submitted: Filters clients who have submitted a COF within a set timeframe.
    • Un-submitted after Sent: Filters clients who have been sent a COF request but have not submitted it within a set timeframe.

Mass Text to Request Card on File

Go to Message > Mass Text > Create Mass Text.

You can use the COF filters to select clients and send message blasts through the Mass Text feature.


Reminder for Card on File

Go to Settings> Auto Message > Reminders to set up the Un-submitted Card on File Reminder.


By default, it will be toggled off. Toggling on activates a reminder to be sent to the client within a set timeframe to remind them to submit their COF.


Q: How long is the Card on File request link valid?
The COF request link expires 24 hours after it is sent. Merchants can adjust the reminder delivery time based on their needs and filter the information of users who have not yet submitted the COF request.

Q: Can the Filter do combinatorial filtering?
Yes, combinatorial filtering is supported. However, certain conditions may be mutually exclusive, leading to no results. For instance, filtering for clients without a card on file and whose card status is expired will result in a blank page as these conditions contradict each other.

Q: Where is this feature available?

A: The Card on file filters are currently available on MoeGo's Web Version.