Online booking is one of the most powerful and unique tools MoeGo offers. It's basically a mini-website that can serve branding and booking purposes. If you don't have a website yet, online booking will do the job.

If you have your own website already, you can also embed online booking directly into it.

Try our demo:

Enable online booking

  1. Go to <Online booking> on the side menu bar
  2. Click <Setting>
  3. Click <Booking page>
  4. Before your clients can book from your page, you need to turn on the <Enable online booking> toggle

Visit your page

To visit your page or share the link to your clients, go to the booking page section and click <Visit your page> button to open your page in a new tab:

This is the page that your clients will see! You can customize everything on this page:

Customize your Booking page

  • Go to the booking page section. Set up your business logo, name, intro, contacts, social links
    Hit <Save> on the bottom-right corner to save the changes
  • Set up the Business hours showing on your booking page
    Hit <Save> on the bottom-right corner to save the changes

💡Business hours for online booking is independent of the Working hours in the <Setting>

  • Set up your gallery photos, you can star mark 5 photos as a showcase on top of your webpage
  • Customize the theme color to match your business. The color of buttons your client can see when book online will be updated

You can embed your online booking website onto your existing website in the following two ways. We highly recommend you hyperlink elements on your website with your MoeGo Online Booking Link (the first approach illustrated below). If you choose to embed MoeGo Online Booking with HTML codes(the second approach illustrated below), compatibility issues may arise depending on the builder you use.

Under <Online booking>, go to booking channels. Then you can choose "Book now direct link" or "Embed online booking"

Hyperlink text/images/button on your website with your MoeGo Booking Link.

  1. <Copy> your own MoeGo Booking Link
  2. Paste the Booking Link on your website to a button, or text, or image.

Slightly more technical solution - Embed online booking

Using a website builder

Most website builders will have an HTML/Embed widget that you can drag and drop on your webpage.

  1. Booking channels > Embed online booking > Get code > Copy code

2. Open the HTML file of the webpage to which you’d like to add the booking widget. Paste the code where you want the button to appear.

3. Save the file to your server and you’re done!