Certain area for certain days setting can help mobile groomers to control available regions for different dates so that customers from a certain area can only request certain dates from online bookings. It is a great option for multi-van management so that you can organize routes with certain areas for certain vans.

Settings are only available through the mobile app.

How to Set up

Select an existing area for a groomer

  • On MoeGo App, Go to Setting > Certain area for certain days.
  • Choose the groomer from the top right corner of the calendar.
  • Click on the date, from the existing area list, tick the area, and click < Apply >.
  • You have successfully set up a certain area for that date.

Add a new area to the area list

There are two ways to add an area to the area list. You can do it by drawing on the map or using zipcodes from the business setting of the desktop version. See the guide here: Service Area for Mobile Grooming

The other way is adding directly from the App:

  • From the area list, scroll down and select < Add a new area >.
  • Click the search button and search for the location. Click < Confirm >.
  • Draw the area from the location by clicking on the map and adding pinpoints to the area edges.
  • Click < Next > and you can add a name or choose a color code for the new service area.
  • Click < Add > to add the service area to the area list.

Here is a video guide on how to set certain areas for certain day

Mobile version